There are two main reasons why we think you are going to love playing the Mega Joker slot game from NetEnt, the first is that it is a progressive jackpot paying slot and as such when playing it you could win a very sizable jackpot payout.

Secondly this slot is currently the slot with the highest payout percentage attached to any NetEnt designed slot game! So when playing this slot you will always get more of your stakes returned as winning payouts over your long term play.

Bonus Game Feature Rounds

There is just one bonus feature game that you can play off when playing the very high paying Mega Joker slot and that game is a gamble type game. You will have to wait until you spin in a winning combination on the base game before you will be given the option of gambling that winning combinations value.

The gamble game is quite unique on this slot for you will then be using your base game winning payouts to fund an additional set of reels which play out on the top of the slot game screen, and as such when playing that gamble game slot an enhanced set of winning combinations can be spun in.

Where to Play the Mega Joker Slot

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Staking Options and Jackpot Payout

Below you will find the staking options available to players who choose to play the Mega Joker slot game, be aware this is a progressive jackpot paying slot and when you play it for free you cannot win the progressive jackpot for real!

The Mega Joker slot game from NetEnt has 5 pay lines spread over the 3 stepper reels, the stake values can be fully adjusted by players and the minimum setting is 0.10. To increase the coin values all that you need to do is to simply click on the plus button alongside the coin value display box.

You can also adjust the number of coins you put into play when playing the Mega Joker slot, and the do that once again click on the plus button which is to the right hand side of the coin level box and the coins will then increase for each click you make on that button.

The jackpot offered on the Mega Joker slot game is a progressive one however the base game jackpot is worth 2000 coins, that jackpot is paid when you get three of the Treasure Chest reel symbols on any payline. You can increase the value of that jackpot by increasing the number of coins in play by clicking on the coin level box.

The second highest paying reel symbols on the Mega Joker slot game are the Bell symbols, and three of them spinning in will award you with a large 200 coin payout when playing on the minimum number of coins per payline per spin.

To send each spin into live play on the Mega Joker slot game you have two options available, you can click on the spin button to play off each spin manually or you can use the auto play option. The Mega Joker slots auto play option offers you a range of stake options and you can put into play up to 100 spins which will then play off automatically.

The Mega Joker slot has a max bet button and when you click on that button the slot will play of one base game spin with the maximum number of coins in play on your selected stake option. The Mega Joker slot is available to play for free or for real money and when playing it online you will find it is an instant play slot and as such you will not have to download any software to access and play it online.

Mega Joker Slot Playing Tip

There is something that you do need to know about the Mega Joker slot game, and that is that this slot is by far and away the best paying slot game, and by that we mean it is the slot which has got the highest payout percentage.

So the only tip we can give you regarding playing this slot is for you to make sure you do play it for it is a slot that will return the largest percentage of your stakes back to you based on your long term play!

Additional Information

You will find that when you are playing is slot game a set of Joker symbols can spin in and award you with a random amount of cash, however those unique reel symbols must spin in on a an activated payline you have chosen to put into play to then go on to award you with a winning payout, so do try and put all of the paylines into live play!

The Mega Joker slot has a fully certified long term expected payout percentage of 99.00% that payout percentage will fluctuate as you play this slot over each session, however the slot should, over your long term play, return that high payout percentage.


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