As new generation mobile users are increasingly hungry for more, to whet their appetite, Wes Citti and Tony Wilson have designed a new game, Maim Street. The experience of designing the super hit web comic, Amazing Super Powers is sure to stand the duo in good stead in this venture too. The makers of Amazing Super Powers have now joined hands with two other professionals, Jeff Ames and Ryan Gerber, and have floated the start-up, So Choice Softworks. The first release from their production house was slated for November 2015 under the title Maim Street.

Free Game to Begin With

In a shrewd move, Citti and Wilson have roped in Kickstarter to fund the project so that the mobile users could be in a position to play the game free. Since this happens to be the first game on the mobile platform, Citti and Wilson wisely assessed that there could be initial apprehensions from users and so, they decided that the better way to popularise their brand was to offer games free. Since dark humour is the forte of the duo, they have not failed to introduce this element in a subtle manner.

The Game Plan

Being very sure about the power of the comics on today?s generation, Citti and Wilson are confident that their mastery of the subject would endear them to the mobile game fans. They have given a prelude about Maim Street in their chat during the preview session of their game. The game plan envisaged is quite simple-pedestrians crossing the street, during rush hour and getting caught in the wheels. As many as 40 pedestrians try crossing the street; the unsuccessful ones who meet with a violent end, however, keep reappearing as the game progresses.

Waynesaw to Follow

Amazing Super Powers? makers plan to follow up the Maim Street game with other games too. The first one to follow Maim Street is a game named Waynesaw. Similar to Maim Street, in this game too, the central character of the game is designed as a force, which cannot be destroyed by any means. The primary character, the chainsaw, is depicted not only as imperishable, but also as likeable and innocent. Here, while travelling cross-country; chainsaw nonchalantly rips characters, which prop-up in front of him. Like Maim Street, this game will be a free game. Both the games have been designed to capture the imagination of fans with light-hearted moments, similar to what a comic strip provides a reader.

Their Future Plans

Citti and Wilson were convinced that for them the logical progression from creating comics is to design games. And they have chosen mobile games, which now seem to be the favourite of almost all smart phone users. He being an avid mobile game player, Citti is confident that he is able to recognise the pulse of the new generation mobile players. The enterprising creators being aware of the challenges of the internet are confident of pulling it off successfully.

Quite a confident duo, we must say!


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