Can you imagine Christmas, the big day being ruined by a 17-year-old kid? You may not have given it a thought ever! However, this proved to be true in Finland.

?Zeekill?, the name given to the teen of Lizard Squad Network was convicted of slashing the Xbox and PlayStation networks on the eve of Christmas.

Due to this, both the networks had to remain shut for many days in the month of December right from the day of Christmas.

Until date, the young lad has been convicted of more than 50,000 offenses for being involved in hacking. In fact, the entire squad has been involved in some of the major hacks in the nation.

Punishment for Zeekill

It is a little hard to digest that the boy who took down two of the most popular networks was hardly given any punishment.

He was taken to a court in Finland, which announced the suspended sentence of only two years. Since he is a minor, the news has not revealed his name, but has confirmed that he will be bound to help fight cybercrimes during his sentence.

Furthermore, it was not that easy to get hold of the hackers of Lizard Squad, but somehow the investigators did it.

Brian Krebs who is a Security Analyst published a blog mentioning the names of some of the alleged hackers.

The Effect on Networks

Christmas holidays turned into a nightmare for Xbox and PlayStation networks, as they had to remain offline for many days after the hack.

As a result, it badly hit the company revenues and made them suffer losses. The people who bought the consoles or the ones who received them as presents were not able to play on them.

The reputation of the major brands got severely affected at that very time.

According to Daily Mail Reports, many parents tweeted that the consoles ruined their Christmas and that they all were disappointed to the extreme.

This April, Zeekill was investigated about his involvement in a harassment campaign against a 20-year old.

According to the reports, the phone number of this 20-year old was published online claiming to be a way to participate in a contest and win a Tesla car.

Consequently, people around the nation called that number and harassed the boy. Not just this, Zeekill has also been involved in tampering with servers at Harvard University and MIT.

The Daily Dot recently identified Zeekill as Julius Kivimaki who was also found to be guilty of money laundering by the Espoo District Court.

The Bottom Line

The twitter account of Lizard Squad expressed joy on the light sentence handed down to Zeekill.

One of the tweets mentioned that Zeekill has only been given suspended sentence of only two years, which means, zero years in prison.

While another tweet said that, the local police will only monitor him for two years.

It is clear to state that the penalty for committing such a crime is nothing and it will not teach the Lizard Squad a lesson!


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