Fans of the hit text based adventure video game, Lifeline, and there are plenty of them all over the world since this was highest selling game in many countries, are thrilled to find out that there will be a sequel to this real-time storytelling game. Produced by Big Fish Games, Lifeline had exceeded all expectations for an immersive story centred around a young woman when it became the most popular game to be launched on the Apple watch.

This innovative game that was all about the struggle to survive in the face of many negative circumstances was an immense success on Android, and not only on iOS. Furthermore, not only was the game a commercial success, but it also received a great deal of critical acclaim. The game?s amazing success has definitely led the makers to think of working on its sequel.

By all estimates, the sequel, which will be known as Lifeline 2, will be an even better game than the previous one. Not only will it be even more immersive than its predecessor, but it also has been given features that enable it to make best use of the Apple watch?s new capabilities.

The original Lifeline game was written by Dave Justus and it was a success almost as soon as it hit the market in April 2015. The game is centred around a young astronaut named Taylor who is marooned on an alien moon as a result of a crash landing. She is all alone since the rest of her crew has died in the crash or are missing, and she waits to be rescued. Taylor depends on the player to rescue her and she sends messages in real time to the player?s mobile device so that help can come quickly. The messages are her only means of communicating details about her situation. The player then has to take certain actions based upon this information and these will determine whether the young astronaut will survive or perish.

Lifeline 2 is the story of a young woman named Arika who is on a mission to avenge the murder of her parents and locate her missing brother. Here too, players have to exercise certain choices that will help keep Arika alive and help her in her quest. This game is far bigger and more complex than the previous one and it comes with a lot more paths for players to go down. The game?s soundtrack also promises to be a big hit, so much so that it will be released separately. By all accounts, the sequel will be even more engrossing than the original game.

Lifeline 2 will be available in multiple languages apart from English. As of now, the game will also be available in German, French, Russian and Japanese. It can be played on iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch. The developers haven?t yet made a game for Android, but according to reports, a version is in the works. The exact date for the launch has not been announced yet!


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