I have slipped into a desolate place. My life as a hero, as a Nord, as an innocent drifter has changed. When other?s look at me, they fear me; I have hidden the truth under a Dwarven helmet for some time. Now, It doesn?t hide the truth anymore, I am hated on appearance; I am not human anymore; I am a vampire.


It all started while I was wandering in the mountains I came across ?Bleak Falls Barrow?. I entered the chambers for who knows what; just an adventure? After a short time in the barrow I encounter a vampire; the battle does not lead to my end, but rather, one strike from his cursed blade leads to a new beginning ? a nightmare. This new encounter sways my adventurous spirit some, and I exit the barrow.

The first people I encounter would tell the story of my fate; ill favored, and fighting for my life, I knew I would have to adapt. I found that I was stronger at night. Stronger and hungry, I would have to feed on human blood; I would also need to hide my pale face and whitened dead eyes. A full face helmet would do the trick, at least for a while and only a while as it turned out.

After some time had passed, I learned to hide my secret fairly well. I even returned to Whiterun to serve some time in prison for past offenses. My intention was to meet the Jarl, a quest I had avoided at one time during my travels. I served my sentence without exposing my curse, and soon after, located the ?Jarl of Whiterun?.

The Jarl requested I speak to his mage; his mage in turn sends me on a quest to find the ?Dragonstone?. And where does he want me to travel, to Bleak Falls Barrow, where my nightmare first began. I knew where I was going, and at least this time, I knew why. In my travels I had even found a way I could reverse my fate as a vampire. A man named ?Falion? had told me to find a black soul gem. The gem would have to wait, I wanted to do something right, and get the Dragonstone. I quick-traveled to Bleak Falls Barrow.


After much time traversing this dark, damp, and decrepit cave I come upon a huge wall, and start hearing chanting. I absorb a ball of light as the chanting gets stronger. Suddenly, a casket bursts open and a skeleton draped in a ragged cloak begins its furious attack. After fighting tooth and nail, and with the expenditure of many potions, I am victorious in battle. After searching the skeletal remains I find the well-earned Dragonstone.

I ran back to Whiterun as fast as possible, and I delivered the Dragonstone.? The mage accepts it and says I am no longer needed. I begin to walk out as one of the Jarl?s guards storms into the room and demands my help; a dragon is attacking the western watchtower. I accept and follow her to the Jarl. There he gives me a Dwarven shield that can block flame; I graciously accept this as even my Dwarven armor can?t protect me from the flames of a dragon.

The guards of Whiterun and I run to the watchtower to see if there are any survivors. We looked in horror as there burnt carcasses were strung across the ground.? The grass sizzled underneath my feet. ?I heard a roar from a distance and I knew that it wasn?t over yet. A huge dragon with blood sprayed on its face landed right in front of me. I quickly threw up my shield and blocked its flames as I ran to the ruins of the tower. I climbed to the top where I took out my Dwarven bow and arrows, and begin shooting. After a lot of shooting, blocking, and dodging, the dragon was nearly dead. I shot the beast square in the head and jumped from the tower, jumped on the dragon?s neck, and snapped it with one swing of my mace.

The dragon was now dead, and it began to quickly decompose. As its flesh seemed to vanish into thin air, a glowing light poured over from it, to me. Afterwards, I was able to release a mighty shout, and push back or destroy anything in my path. The guards began calling me the ?Dragonborn?. Things were really looking up, or so I thought.

I went back to the?Jarl and he then gave me the ?axe of Whiterun?, a Dwarven axe with frost powers. I walked to the door and met Lydia a warrior girl who was to be my companion for the rest of the journey to discover my Dragonborn gift. We walked outside and guards started attacking us because I was a vampire, a demon. Lydia and I made it out alive and are now on a quest to find a black sole gem to reverse my unlucky state of how shall we say ?life? or ?death??

It is not to complain in these harsh surroundings; it is not to complain at all really, I’m only playing a game. I could just revert to an earlier save point and get rid of this curse. But that wouldn?t be right would it? No, I will have to push on and overcome this misfortune; and at least now I have a companion to help me.


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