Ghost Story Games has established itself as one of the most renowned video game developers in America. The brand is led by Ken Levine and is based in Massachusetts. It was earlier identified under ?Irrational Games? but has rebranded itself as ?Ghost Story Games? in February 2017 only. Ken has become famous by developing the BioShock Series and for his various works including System Shock 2, Thief-The Dark Project and others.

According to the media reports, Ken has recently talked about his career and about the foundation of Ghost Story. The developer was present at EGX Rezzed 2017 and discussed his present and future business plans. It is true that Ken had described his next game as small scale open world game in the year 2015. It is a game that is entirely different from the games earlier developed by the company including BioShock Infinite and BioShock.

In the Words of Ken Levine

In a recent interview, Ken talked about the game that has inspired him a lot. He said that Shadow of Mordor, with the Nemesis system, is the most preferred game by the developer. He confessed that it is his most favorite part of the game, as this system aimed at empowering boss enemies who assassinated the players. This, in turn, generates stories about the rise in the ranks giving an opportunity to the players to track them.

The most interesting part of the game is that a player can kill any orc boss in any order and has complete control over whom to kill and convert. He calls it more of meta-narrative without much of dialogue support. He further adds by saying the studio is aiming to achieve ?radical recognition? and will work towards in the same direction from now on. In Mordor, the game recognizes what players do and offers them great rewards.

About the New Games

Ken made it clear that the upcoming game will not be developed like that of a telltale game but is expected to be a very systematic game. It will not offer options to choose between responses and actions to the players. While talking about the reasons for such changes, he mentioned that he aims at developing a game that players can fully absorb and enjoy to the maximum. The company is now to focus on replayability and creativity.

Ken openly confessed that he has always been envious to the legendary games such as Civilization, which he used to play a lot. He stated that his games did not have that strength to maintain a strong tie with the gamer like in Civilization. He has always missed this factor and now wishes to come up with the live game.

The Bottom Line

Ken?s business model is going through a lot of changes and thoughts at present. The entire crew of the company is just making every possible endeavor to come up with the most exclusive series of games. However, it will not be easy for Ghost Story to bring out something entirely different from BioShock that it worked upon earlier. For players, it will be very exciting to witness the new games with new features and better bonus deals.

One thing is for sure that the new game is going to be far more challenging when compared to the difficulty level of BioShock. Nonetheless, players who love action and adventure are going to embrace it well and the game will keep them engaged for more hours. The fans of Ken will now to have to wait until he comes up with the latest game and surprises all his fans.


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