Mario, the favourite of all video gamers, has the privilege of being on top of the chart from the day the character was launched until today. The character, Mario, first appeared as Jumpman in 1981 in the game, Donkey Kong. From then, Mario has been ruling the world in the video game genre-Jump and Run. Over the past three decades, even though countless other characters have been designed and introduced in the jump and run games, the sole character that has become indispensable and irreplaceable is none other than Mario.

Jump and Run Games Since 1981

It is no surprise to see the advancements in gaming technology over the last three decades being incorporated in the jump and run genre of games. Retaining the basic concept of jumping and running, the heroes of this genre have however, added other features like a role playing game where the lead character not only gains expertise and experience, but is also in a position to add to its strength. The lead characters of the jump and run games now appear variously in shooting gears, classical attires and in a delightful mix of puzzle garbs.

We bring to you some of the best games in the Jump and Run category. If you?ve enjoyed playing Mario games, you?ll definitely enjoy these latest ones.

The Top Notch Games of Jump and Run Genre

Among the games, which retain the interest of the players for very long hours while offering stiff challenges all along is The Swordigo. The game is available for free on the Android platform. Players have the option of upgrading their weapons and armours by handing over the valuable gems, which they collect en route.

The Rayman Run Series

Another jump and run game, which has earned top billing among players is the Rayman Run series. Players have great fun in navigating the character, Rayman, past the obstructions. Delightful graphics on display and quick pace of the game has made this game a big winner.

Leo?s Fortune

Whizzing past the 24 levels of the game in Leo?s Fortune give the players tremendous amount of excitement as the villains who seized the fortunes of the hero illegally are entrapped.

Sword of Xolan

This game is popular for its major action content and great background scores. This game offers players plenty of fun in wielding the sword against the wicked monsters even as the players are on their toes perennially to avoid the dangerous traps laid out all over the gaming arena.

Cally?s Cave Series

The blonde heroine, Cally does not only entice one with her looks, but also with her prowess of brandishing the sword on her opponents. This role playing game offers the option of switching over to the wave-survival mode to players.

Nub?s Adventure

The exercise of reconstructing the fallen house of Nub with the help of his friends is portrayed adventurously in this game. This entertaining game involves exploring the large world as well while defending against numerous enemies.

Random Heroes Series, Mercurial Story and Dokuro

These games are often preferred by players for their compelling graphics and story board. Here again, players can quickly change forms to stay afloat and survive the enemies.


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