In a recent interview, CEO of the Karaoke app Smule, Jeff Smith unfolded his thoughts regarding Apple TV becoming a threat to the entire console market. Smith says that the prospects of Apple TV are higher and it may end the idea of consoles. Some traditional gaming community may overlook the thoughts of Smith by considering it as one man?s opinion. However, he represents many mobile developers and the tech press too.

Irrespective of the headlines, it can be seen that there is no crossover between Android games and Xbox One gaming. Xbox One, PS4 or PC gaming does not face any harm from iOS and Android games even after the fact that they all are tough competitors. The moment people hear the word, games, they lump all of them together right from Metal Gear Solid to Crossy Road. Since both these gaming platforms are distinct from each other, they cannot be compared. Therefore, gamers must stop pretending that iOS and Android games cannot live together with PS4 or PC gaming.

Television Gaming??

Today, the mobile games have moved to the television, which can again become a threat to the console market. According to the headlines, the Android console that made it possible to play mobile games on TV has shown much better progress than Apple TV. Although, Apple has partnered with new gamers that relate to some particular titles, they are still not in a situation to bring up their entire mobile gaming to the TV screen.

Why Mobile Gaming is More Popular?

Many developers get baffled with the notion of mobile gaming concealing the craze of traditional gaming on a television screen. There are many reasons behind mobile gaming becoming so popular. It is simply because mobiles are more accessible. You can pull it off from your pocket anywhere and at any time to check out the new games. You can play Angry Birds in your car, try your hands at Clash of Clans at a not-so-happening party or play other games while eating. Isn?t that amazing? Putting all these experiences on a TV screen is next to impossible.

However, when the markets overlap, people take equal interest in Android games and PS4 gaming. In no case, mobile gaming is going to replace the traditional consoles. It is important to understand that they both are different markets. If Apple plans to develop a console in the future, it is expected to be as costly as Xbox One and PS4. Nonetheless, it will not declare over victory of mobile gaming still.

The Bottom Line

Of course, Apple is not designing any console at the moment. Consumers are not escaping traditional gaming as the PC and console gaming market is equally booming like the mobile gaming industry. There are no reasons for both these industries to eat in to each other?s market. They can flourish together and provide people the best gaming experience. It is time for the gaming developers to understand the distinctiveness of both these markets and act wisely.


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