Owners of Apple devices have plenty of great features to look forward to every time a new iOS is introduced to the market. The launch of iOS 9 too is no different; the update brings a whole range of features that help you get the maximum use out of your iPad, iPhone and other devices. If you, like lots of other people, enjoy using your iDevice for playing a whole lot of games, then you will be happy to know that iOS 9 has plenty of interesting features to offer you.

The most important new iOS 9 features that gamers may be interested in have been mentioned below.

3D Touch

The high tech screens of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have the ability to gauge exactly how much force there is in your touch. This enables the operating system to offer additional features such as Peek, Pop and Quick Actions. Interestingly, the screen can communicate back to you through the screen by sending tiny bits of pressure back as taps. Gaming is going to be a lot better and quicker thanks to this feature.


This is going to be very popular with gamers because most people like the social aspect of gaming. This feature enables them to record videos of the games in progress, complete with voice overs, so that they can eventually post them to social media.


The operating system update contains developer tools that enable a higher level of gameplay logic by improving features such as pathfinding and randomness. The software also enables a much higher level of simulation than before. All these features enable highly complex games to be played on iDevices, and that too with a greater level of realism than previously.

Model I/O

This feature determines the quality of rendering of physical models and also lighting. Games look fantastic on iPhones and iPads thanks to this feature.

Additions to Game Centre

It is now possible to have more than one player using a particular device since Game Centre permits guest players. Three players can play video games at a time thanks to the upgrade, whereas 15 can try out turn-based games. The unified server?environment that will also be introduced will enhance the gaming experience tremendously.

Long Battery Life

While this is not necessarily an exclusive gaming related feature, having extended battery life certainly helps a gamer to play for longer than usual without having to interrupt their play time only to recharge the device.

Apple seems to be pulling out all the stops to enable high quality gaming on its devices as its recent OS update indicates all too clearly. The company has also launched a Twitter account that is meant exclusively to communicate information regarding games and to interact with users. What is even more interesting is that game developers have interesting iOS 9 features to use and they will be able to take game development along uncharted territory. All in all, this is great news, from a gaming point of view, for owners of iPads and iPhones.


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