Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both have become a sensation in the gaming world!

Nonetheless, some features of each have more advantages than the others. Here, we discuss the pros and cons of both consoles.

This will give you a clear insight on which one is the most suitable for you!

The User Interface

Xbox One is rectangular in shape, which look a little huge, but can easily be placed with TV. However, you cannot keep much on top as the upper surface is devoted to a vent.

With its heavy console and structure, it is not possible to place it over any other thing. You need to reserve a separate place for it.

In addition to this, it has three USB ports, but they all work with the controller only.

While talking about PS4, it seems to be a better option with its smaller and thinner structure. The Italic design looks amazing and its simplicity makes it much more preferred.

As compared to Xbox One, it definitely has a simpler interface with a main menu and upper menu.

The Controller

PS4 is all about better controls and a nicer design. You will feel comfortable with the controller in your hand, which is very easy to control.

In fact, it has a battery pack that is built in and can be charged through micro USB. Some players may have an issue with the glowing light, but it looks fine.

On the other hand, Xbox One has no new features in its controller. Although, the controller easily fits in your hands, many players still do not have any idea of the menu and view buttons on it.

Further, you need to supply your own batteries to run Xbox One controller, which makes it feel heavier.

The Social Features

Both the consoles have good points here, while Xbox One lets you interact with friends though Kinect, PS4 gives you an opportunity to find your Facebook mates who are linked to PSN.

Players can share and record their game play clips very easily with both the consoles.

However, Xbox One lets you capture the footage of the last five minutes only as compared to PS4, which has an option to record anything from the last 15 minutes!

Shareplay is another feature that makes PS4 unique. With it, you can play with your friends letting them view your screen from any other location.

The Storage

The best part about PS4 is that you can open it and easily upgrade its hard drive any time. You can do that easily by exploring the how-to guides on internet without voiding your warranty.

However, Xbox One offers an external hard drive support also. If you have a hard drive of more than 256GB space, you can easily use it with the console.

After discussing both the consoles, it is clear that PS4 enjoys an edge over Xbox One.

Players prefer it due to its outstanding features and quality.

So, you can make your own decision and get one that that suits your gaming needs the best!


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