There is good news for fans of KEMCO, the well-known video game developer from Japan. Humble Bundle, the video games digital storefront, has released a brand new set of role playing games from this developer at a ridiculously low price. If you are looking for a great deal on these games, then you can pick up a set of premium titles by donating as much money as you want to Humble Bundle. You can get started with a payment of only $1, in which case you would have access to three excellent games,-Symphony of the Origin, Eclipse of Illusion and Eve of the Genesis HD. Of course, you could pay any amount more than the minimum if you feel like it.

Since Humble Bundle follows a two-tier pricing system, the remaining three games can be accessed by paying more than their average price. These games are Silver Nornir, Fortuna Magus and Legend of Ixtona. At present, the average is $5.64, which is still an unbelievably low figure for premium video games from a popular Japanese developer. Also, in case you aren?t aware of it already, all KEMCO games are free of DRM.

Interestingly, these are premium games from KEMCO and they would cost $49, and if you were to take their in-game content into account, then the total price would be $72. The Humble KEMCO Mobile Bundle is definitely a steal and it is set to get even better when the total donations received by Humble Bundle cross certain levels. Therefore, if you have contributed to this bundle, then you?ll be able to get an extra game when the total donations cross $100,000. This game will be Knight of the Earthends and going by the response that Humble Bundle normally receives, it will only be a matter of time before this game gets unlocked as well

Humble Bundle normally adds a couple of games or so to its promotional line-up within a week of launch, but this KEMCO bundle seems to be different. Further bonus content in the form of additional games will be unlocked when the levels reach $150,000 and then $200,000, but there is no indication as yet about their names. However, games from this Japanese developer tend to have a very enthusiastic fan following for good reason, so the two other games are sure to be very interesting as well.

Gamers like being a part of Humble Bundle campaigns because they offer a win-win situation where players can get games ridiculously cheap, while also contributing to charity. The company is associated with a number of reputed charitable organisations and you will easily find one, which has a cause you agree with and would like to support with your donation. For instance, you could donate to the American Red Cross or any other charity of your choice. You could even specify exactly how you would like your payment to be divided between Humble Bundle and the charity. This is definitely a games bundle worth paying for!


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