Football Manager 15 (PC) delivers an interactive 3D match that emphasizes different managerial styles, and delivers over 2000 new motion captured animations. If you?re a beginner or returning to the game, it?s a good idea to go for a big team first to learn how it works. Whether it defensive or Arsenal (offers more control in the game, and players have more flexibility when moving around the pitch without holding to one position), each game option gives an explanation on how to make your next move.

Choose a Competent Assistant

Think of your assistant as your eyes and ears when you need help with team morale, he’ll give you candid feedback about a potential signing and tactics/backup tactics. Think global. You may be missing exceptionally talented players if you have a one-track mind. Hire an assistant to take up the slack to keep you from missing potential football stars from Ghana, Brazil, Spain or the Ukraine, for instance. Your bidding options are limited but you still might find the team players you need to get into the Champions League. Before you start signing players, hiring scouts, or using tactics, it?s crucial to hire a good assistant, that might even mean replacing the one you already have. Your assistant needs to have three attributes: good tactical knowledge, great insight on player ability and potential, and great leadership skills when it comes time for fitness/attack training.

Hire Scouts

You can’t do all the work by yourself as a football manager. You need qualified people on your side to choose your best players. Hire scouts that not only have experience recruiting players but know how to recruit football players based on their strengths and weaknesses; this will reduce your risk of getting players who don’t work well on a team or who lack discipline.

Recruit Wisely

In certain situations, it pays to recruit as many players as possible to intimidate your rival team, but it may be beyond your budget to do so. Adding too many players could also slow up the time your team adjusts to your tactics. So add to your team early and gradually.

Stay Consistent

It appears that constantly changing tactics in Football Manager is a really bad idea. Tactical consistency goes a long way in this game. If you don’t follow a certain pattern of play, you could end up losing too many goals to your opponents. Try to stick to one tactic, by playing a flat 5 in midfield, keep a moderate offense 4-2-3-1, or keep 3 CM?s with 2 wingers, 4-3-3 DM wide, for example.

Eliminate Bad Players

Even a star player can have a bad streak. If a top rate player is consistently awful for three games, it?might be time?to choose someone new. Football Manager was created to be as realistic as possible, so certain players you choose on your team will always miss the mark, which will be more obvious if you decide to switch players’ position on the field. Typically scenarios like these can be avoided if you scout correctly, but even with the right scouting, results won?t always go your way. You can completely squash the tactics you’ve programmed in the game or try changing the role of a player to complement his attributes.

Take Advantage of Press Conferences

Random situations happen when playing real football. So it’s no surprise FM remains a game of chance where you must constantly strategise how to make circumstances better suit your winning streak. Try to look for these opportunities in the press conference section, since your responses will affect your matches, your team’s morale and even your job!

Regularly Check For Expiring Contracts

Snatching up players with expiring contracts is the perfect strategy to build an A-one team on a budget. Go to the player search screen, click on contract status and see whose contract has only six months remaining. If a player is over 24 and is coming to the end of his contract, you can recruit him for free. If he?s younger than 24, you could still sacrifice some money to get him signed on, which still is usually less when making outright negotiations.

Especially focus on January signings at the start of the game, and post-season arrivals. In the new FM, you can pick Champions League players from Japan, players from the Central Sports Club of the Army (CSKA) in addition to Ghanaians (many good players found in the Bundesliga). Don’t forget to check the expiration dates of your team squad, scouts and assistants and offer contracts that will keep them happy and loyal. Also, position yourself to offer contract negotiations to players who’ve sacked their agents to save money in fees. Check out our ladbrokes promo code page for information on betting bonuses.


One of the most important things to remember when playin FM 15 is to become detail-oriented. Find the right balance between attack, support and defending duties can be crucial. Capitalise on roles a versatile player could handle in cases of emergency. Test the comfort level of your team when executing a variety of game tactics and approaches. Once you?ve found a player you may be interested in signing, assign one of your scouts to review his performance for up to three matches or within a few months. Keep your team’s atmosphere tension-free as much as possible. Instead of focusing on building a new facility right away, focus your budget on your players, recruits and staff while moving up to the Champion’s League to ensure your managerial success!


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