You will always have the full ability to play NetEnt slot games in exactly the way you want to play them online. This leading slot game designer has pushed the boat out in regards to the player adjustable option settings on all of their slot games.

As part of our large collection of NetEnt slot game playing guides, in this one we shall be taking a much closer look at what options settings will be available to you as soon as you click on the option settings tab which can be found at the bottom of each NetEnt slot game screen.

One thing to remember is that all NetEnt?s slot games are available on a no download required gaming platform, and by accessing them via the free to play mode you will then be able to play around with the option settings and will be able to configure the slots to play in a way you like to play slots.

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NetEnt Slot Game Option Settings

Let us now enlighten you on how you are going to be able to optimize the way that NetEnt deigned slot games will work and operate. Listed below are the current available options settings attached to each of their slot games and alongside each setting you will find a description of how those settings will affect the way the slot plays.

Quick Spin Settings ? Playing off lots of spins may or may not appeal to you, however if for whatever reason you would prefer playing some very rapid slot playing sessions then all you have to do when playing NetEnt slot games is to click on the options tab and turn on the Quick Spin setting. The reels of the slots you have set in that way will then spin and stop much quicker than they will normally do.

Intro Screen Settings ? To add an extra level of excitement to your NetEnt slot playing session, when you launch most of their slot games a small animated video type clip will be shown as the slot is loading. If you would prefer to turn off the intro animation then deactivate it from the option settings and when you click on the slot to launch it the main screen will be shown instead of the animated clip!

Animation Settings ? If you want something of a much more entertaining type of slot playing experience then you should make use of the animation settings which are located when you click on the options settings tab. If you turn on those animations then you can expect to see the reel symbols spinning into life when winning combinations are formed and lots of other in play animations appearing on the slot game screen.

Audio Settings ? There are a mix of ambient sound effects and in play game sounds which you will hear playing when you choose to play any NetEnt slot game. Whilst those sound effects are quite advanced and sampled sounds, if you would prefer to turn on or off any of them you are free to do so.

You will need to click on the options tab and then pick just which sound effects you want activating or turned off when you play NetEnt slots. However, for the most enjoyable slot playing session then please try and play their range of slots with the sound effects turned on.

Graphics Settings ? There are three different options available to you in regards to the way that you can set the graphics when playing NetEnt slot games. If you have a state of the art computer or laptop then you will of course want to set those settings to the highest quality ones to improve your slot playing experience.

However, if you are intending to play slots on an older type computer or laptop which hasn?t got an all singing and all dancing type of graphics card you can select one of the lower quality graphic options and the slots will still play and pay the same!

Keyboard Short Cut Settings ? If you are playing NetEnt slot games on a touch screen mobile device then the way you will get to play those games is by simply tapping on the respective game play button, and as such to send the reels spinning you will simply have to tap on the spin button and those reels will then spin and stop.

However, when you are playing NetEnt slot game online you are going to be able to play them in two different ways. You can use your mouse and by pointing and clicking on the mouse on the spin button for example you will then send the reels of the slot game you are playing spinning.

But if you would prefer to use your keyboard as the way you control the NetEnt slots you are playing then you are able to do so. First click on the options tab setting and then highlight and activate the Keyboard shortcut option. Once done you can then simply tap on the space button on your keyboard and that will send the reels spinning on the slot you are playing.

But do make sure before you use the keyboards space bar to send the reels spinning you have chosen and activated the stake levels at which you wish to play the slot game for!


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