Streaming games is not a new concept. Gaikai and OnLive are two big companies that introduced the concept of streaming games from servers to your PCs. Only recently, Sony PlayStation 4 started streaming games to Sony Xperia or to a PlayStation Vita. Steam has an exciting feature that allows you to stream from one computer to another computer. All these platforms use the home network to transmit videos to your screen. For this, it is imperative to have a great home network. You either need to have a physical Ethernet cable or a great speed Wi-Fi connection.


While the setup is quite simple, you might get a bit perplexed while setting it up. First, you need to launch the app on your computer. The option of running Xbox will pop up. Select it. Once both the devices have detected each other, you can choose to turn off the Xbox. Even leaving it on will do no harm. Click on the stream button and the game is ready to be played.

What about the Games?

The streaming offered by Xbox One and Windows 10 is considered as the perfect combination and very playable by many experts. Next in terms of usability is Nvidia and then comes Steam. But on closer inspection, it was noticed that tiny amount of graphics is hampered when the game is played on the TV set.

Xbox normally streams at a maximum pixel average of 720p. So, if you are looking for a game that might render superior graphics, then it might not be possible. Once you plug the game to your PC, you will notice a sharp difference in the quality of the graphics. At times, while playing the game, the resolutions adjust to the computer?s bandwidth. You might notice some visual adjustments. The video starts off superbly, but then it starts adjusting. However, this is not a concern as this is not quite in your face. In fact, after a point, you?ll probably forget about it and get engrossed in the game. But make sure that you have an Internet connection that is strong and does not break.

The bandwidth used by Xbox keeps changing and is not constant for all games. There are three settings that you can choose-8mbps, 6mbps or 3mbps. But many experts have commented that sometimes it rose to as much as 40mbps as well. If you feel that the low graphics will bother you in the future, there is an alternative that you can try.

Run the Xbox in a window, preferably side by side. If the screen is small, it will pixelate less.One drawback that might occur is the fact that no other applications work when the Xbox is in use. If you are using some other applications, you will not be able to control the Xbox. Another glitch is the fact that you can play using only the gamepad, not the mouse or the keyboard.

Other than that, Xbox looks like a great deal for video game fanatics, why not try it and be your won judge?


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