The Xbox One definitely did not have a great start. With the announcement in May 2013 and the launch in November of the same year, the gaming console had its share of bad press. Some of the reasons why the Xbox could not be a major hit with the masses are the fact that it required constant internet connection, came with a Kinect motion sensor and cost $500 at the launch, which is more than a PlayStation.

Most of the fans seemed very angry with the fact that it had a very high cost and secondly the messaging options were pretty unclear. There was such a huge uproar that the leader of Xbox, Don Mattrick had to comment on the state of the Xbox on its official website. He made certain aspects of the Xbox clear and addressed concerns about some of the applications of the product.

In a twisted turn of events, only a month later, Mattrick was replaced by long time Xbox exec, Marc Whitten.?In another nine months, he was replaced by Phil Spencer. Hence, it can be easily concluded that between a managerial mix-up and an unclear marketing strategy, the Xbox did not have a great start and suffered quite a bit.

So, let?s try and figure out what really happened?

The Xbox 360 was a hit with the audience. It sold about 80 million consoles and was a profitable deal for Microsoft. So, what exactly went wrong? When this question was put in front of leader Robbie Bach, he said in an interview that it is important to acknowledge the number of games Kinect can support. And they made Kinect a mandatory option, which gave the players the problem of choosing an option of two controllers.

He made it clear that the price of the Xbox that is $500 is exorbitant taking into account the competitive market of gaming consoles, but according to the makers, the product had a camera/microphone combination, in other words Kinect. He further says that when the team decides to develop a Kinect and decided to put it in every device, then we have to make the crucial decision to price the product. We either decide to lose money, which is a big amount in this case, or make money.

Bach has led the team that was given the role of producing the original Xbox and the Xbox 360. Bach also states that he has lost about $5 to $7 billion during the launch of Xbox revisited. When asked about the complete shake of the management at Microsoft, he says that the team was facing a lot of difficulties in terms of organisation. Don Mattrick left at a crucial time that was before the launch of the product, which created quite a bit of difficulties.

Well, now the Xbox has dropped Kinect and reduced the price of the product by $100 and are back in the market. So, will you be looking to purchase it now or do you still prefer some of the other consoles?


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