As a gamer, you?ve probably tried out a number of games that had enthusiastic reviews only to find out that there wasn?t anything really special about them. After all, there?s always a great deal of marketing hype surrounding big launches.

Horizon Zero Dawn certainly isn?t one of these games, and we feel that it absolutely deserves all the noise surrounding it (and there is plenty of it). We are willing to step out and say that this is a really good game that provides an overall thrilling experience. It is from Guerrilla Games which is a well-known developer, and this itself should let you know that you?re in for a great time playing it.

Horizon Zero Dawn Game Fleshed Out in Great Detail

One thing you?ll realize quickly enough when you play this game is that it goes into great detail of the story. It does take a bit too much time to get to the main part of the game, but we do recommend that you remain patient because it is worth the wait. Making your way through the opening parts of the game and taking the time to understand its lore will certainly help you appreciate Horizon Zero Dawn better.

The game?s fantasy setting is one of the most elaborate in play right now. As a matter of fact, most other game franchises tend to take far more time to establish the story line properly.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a massive role-player game that envisions a scenario where survivors of a series of cataclysmic events live a basic lifestyle devoid of most of our present-day technological aids. The humans face another problem in that Earth is populated by a number of high-tech mechanoid dinosaurs and other large creatures. It?s a terrifying and exciting world to inhabit, and quite unlike anything offered by other RPG titles, and you will definitely enjoy being part of it. Even so, we do have to point out that the gameplay isn?t entirely original, and you are sure to notice this if you play many video games.

Exciting Female Character in Horizon Zero Dawn

The main character in the game is Aloy, a female character who has been thrown out by her tribe for some reason that you?ll only understand as the game progresses. She isn?t just a resourceful and strong person who can survive on her own in the wilderness, but she also has a special device known as “the Focus”. It helps her see the mechanoid creatures in a unique way, with their travel routes and also weaknesses highlighted. The Focus does feel a bit familiar if you have played The Witcher 3 because it?s a lot like Geralt?s Witcher vision. As Aloy, you?ll have to go through a number of tutorial missions to pick up skills that help you play the game better. There are lots of missions and encounters along the way, with Aloy building and modifying weapons while also finding the time to collect useful herbs.

The game has some similarities with the Far Cry series, particularly when it comes to hunting the small mammals and birds that inhabit the landscape. However, this isn?t really something to complain about because it has been made very well and you can spend quite a bit of time doing this.

Horizon Zero Dawn Displays Unique Take on Popular Gameplay Elements

It is clear to see that the developers of the game have taken inspiration from the best games in the business and given this one a unique spin. As a matter of fact, there?s so much originality in this game that you will be quite happy to dive right into its fantasy world, so go ahead and give it a try.


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