There?s something special in store for PlayStation 4 users now that video game peripheral manufacturer Hori is planning to launch a special keyboard with an attached USB mouse for Sony?s latest gaming console. It will be known as the Tactical Assault Commander 4 and it will be very compact in size. Its main purpose is to combine dependable console gaming with PC-style controls using a mouse or keyboard. Users will be able to get the thrill of playing games on a PC, even if they use their gaming console. This new controller no doubt looks pretty unusual, but then, that?s exactly what it is.

The new controller has been built upon the Tactical Assault Commander 3, which was a big hit with PlayStation 3 users. Hori hasn?t yet given out too much information about the new controller, but it will most likely be good for basic movements. The controller will most probably be best suited for first-person shooter games at the outset, but it is likely that users will be able to customise it in due course of time. Gamers will definitely also want to know the extent the keys can be programmable.

What we do know as of now is that the mouse can be attached to the keyboard section using a USB cord. There will also be a touchpad as well as Share and Options, pretty much the same as in the DualShock 4 controller for the PlayStation 4. This product won?t be a full keyboard, either.

There does seem to be a drawback to the TAC4, although most people will not have a problem with it; the controller doesn?t seem to have been designed with a left handed person?s needs in mind. The X button on the controller is placed perfectly well for a right handed person, but not so for a lefty.

The TAC4 is expected to hit the market early in October this year, but there is no clear news regarding the markets it will be available in. In fact, the company doesn?t seem to have plans as yet for a release in North America. The product might be priced at ?86.35. Strangely enough, the product hasn?t been listed on Hori?s website although it features on the Amazon site. In any event, it seems that the TAC4 is here to stay since it is licensed by Sony. In fact, the games that will be developed in the future will have to factor in this controller.

Another interesting development in the industry came via Microsoft when Phil Spencer tweeted that the company?s Xbox One would be getting native mouse and keyboard support. Since the company hasn?t yet mentioned any particular peripheral, it?s most likely that gamers will be able to use any mouse or keyboard that suits them. It is also likely that Sony consoles will also get native mouse and keyboard support. In any event, there is a great amount of interest in gaming circles to see the new peripheral and try it out.


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