Apple users were delighted to upgrade to the newest operating system, iOS 9. However, they were little disappointed at the same time with the issues of the latest upgrade. No doubt, the newest OS is much better than the previous iOS 8 with those multitasking capabilities, better performance and improved suggestions, but is reported to possess some major setbacks too. All these issues have made it to the news and the company itself has accepted it. We take a look at the various problems in the latest operating system and the company?s take on it to resolve them.

Major Issues with Apple iOS 9 Update

Failure of Game?s Centre

The USwitch recently reported that the latest operating system has some errors with the game centre. The game centre fails to open due to which players who save their scores and achievements face inconvenience. The gamers who depend upon this application are faced with a blank page every time when it is launched. Furthermore, a player is unable to connect to the games that are already installed on the device to the game centre.

Contacts List

The upgrade feature does not show all the contacts that are already stored on the device. The Spotlight search feature is not that effective as it was meant to be. However, some smart users remarked that the issue could be resolved by going to contacts and hiding them for some time and then switching back. Unfortunately, this solution has also not fixed the errors.

Mobile Data Option

The users who have updated to the latest iOS 9 face issues with the mobile data option for apps that run in the background. In this update, the users noticed that whenever the switch for the option is clasped, it keeps on switching back to off.

Besides this, the biggest problem noticed was much before the upgrade was installed. It was seen that the slide to upgrade froze every time when any update was downloaded. Many users have been struggling with the same issue. Nonetheless, Apple has offered a solution to this by restoring the device and setting the default settings. In addition to this, the brand has promised that all the issues that have popped up in iOS 9 will be resolved after iOS 9.1 is released. It will not take much time for the launch, as the pre-release or beta version of the new upgrade is already present on the Apple?s developer website.

The Bottom Line

According to the company, iOS 9 has made the fastest conversion possible. It mentions that more than 50% of the Apple users have already switched to the new operating system. It is surely an amazing start to the new upgrade in Apple?s entire history, as a majority of users have downloaded this operating system in the shortest time, says Philip Schiller, Senior Vice president of Worldwide Marketing. For now, the users are only waiting with their fingers crossed for the issues and bugs to be fixed when iOS 9.1 is available.


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