Review of Helldivers

Helldivers is one of a kind PlayStation 3 game that is clearly mapped in terms of what to do. It doesn?t have any flaws.

More than simply presenting you as twin-stick shooter, it tests your intelligence and puts you through varied hard missions. You get to choose between solving this game by yourself or with any of your three friends.

What can you expect from Helldivers? An action-packed and knuckle breaking game like never before.

A Brief about Helldivers

Helldivers game has a heavy influence of Starship Troopers, right from its thematic entry. Only thing, which has probably gone over the top is the ongoing war between homeworld and the aliens.

It doesn’t let down the film director Paul Verhoeven as it is packed an action in the game in such a way that there is a humour in danger.

Everything or at least most of the things are superficial in which radical Nationalism was never touched, but the one-liners on space marine spouts policy is very chuckle-worthy.

Even though people would have started the way for all wrong reasons, you will be pulled into Helldivers for no obvious reason.

This mind-blowing galaxy war is fought on three fronts including tech-heavy light, Tyrained-esque bugs (otherwise known as bugs), and gun carrying Cyborgs.

Each and every one of them bring some diversity, which will force you to adapt to the technique as quickly as possible otherwise leading you to die horribly.

For instance, the Cyborgs flaunt around a lot of small firearms and when you choose heavy body armour, you can shrug them off.

Also, if you fail to pack in some extra ammo for the shotgun, then it can cost you a life since bugs can easily crawl up close.

When you are playing Helldivers online, all the contributions are recorded in a leader board, which is always present.

Whenever you or your team mates are putting up a good show, you will be taken into a new alien world and to your own there are not enough people fighting.

This kind of a situation will lead you to a special event, which is clearly timed and the players are asked to put on one more big fight to sustain the game.

This game is utterly smart and gives you a mission, which has a good sense of purpose and also urges you to log in every day to complete your mission.

The real game starts when you kick-start unlocking of perks, stratagems and upgrades. It can be anything from gun-covered troop carriers to anti-tank weapons, which are disposable.

The mission is quite tense and you need to be on a watch out always. For example, if you poorly place an airstrike, then you may end up doing harm. If you drop the pods, which brings the ammo by any chance, then you may turn your teammate.

Final Thoughts…

The sounds effect of the game is stunning and extremely convincing, along with the really well thought out visuals. Anything from operating a machine gun to tackling the enemies in the warzone is very threatening and powerful. If you enjoy extreme action and violence, then Helldivers is a game worth playing.

The best part is that you can play this on PS3, PS4, or PSVita and when you start completing the mission, everything falls into place absolutely beautifully.


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