Terms like addiction and obsession are often used in relation to video games.

But may be, in reality not too many really qualify to be classified as addicted or obsessed gamers, going by the finding of PlayStation tracking feature.

Modern games are designed as progressive games, which allow players to advance to higher levels on successful completion of a level.

Various Levels of Games

As computer games are engineered with progressive levels of challenges, the higher a player goes the tougher the games turn out to be.

Today, to challenge players to severest levels, most games have multiple levels.

At higher levels, the games turn out to be one where the highest elements of skills and concentration are required to succeed.

Not many players succeed in travelling the whole length of a game.

On Expected Lines

Availability of the tracking feature, particularly in PlayStation games has made it possible for the game providers to track the games now.

Though many are dubbed bombastically as compulsive players, a reality check carried out exposes the levels of their obsession with the games.

Less than a quarter of players succeed in reaching the top-most levels of a game as noted by the companies.

A study of how players are faring in the most successful games released thus far in 2015 reveals that a meagre percentage of players alone have reached the final level of a game.

Here is an account of the percentage of successes achieved by players in the newly released games of the year.

Moderate Successes

It is observed that the game, Axiom Verge, has been one of the games where not even one fourth of the players have succeeded in reaching the highest level of the game.

Figures given out by the tracker show that only above 21% of the players have taken this meteoroid game to its logical conclusion.

Arkham Knight in the Batman series, which is one of the current releases, has about the same level of success, with only above 19% of players completing the game.

Surprise in the Pack

One of the truly challenging games, Bloodborne surprisingly has a figure of over 31% of players completing the game.

The game, Broken Age, with two variants has been successfully completed by around 25% of the players, thus far.

While Dying Light has a much higher figure of around 38% of players reaching the pinnacle, Hotline Miami?s rate is a healthy 26%.

Mortal Kombat and The Order 1886 also have been completed by nearly 41% of players.

Lowest on the List

The complicated Evolve where a player has to bring out all the hunters and monsters to the open has been successfully completed only by about 7% of the players.

Final Fantasy is another game, which has been completed by only 12% of the players so far.

Witcher 3-The Wild Hunt too has not been cracked by many, with only 12% reaching the completion stage.

So, where are you on the PlayStation playing field? Have you been able to crack some of the toughest PS games yet?


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