Released by Activision and pretty faithful to the movie of the same name, this action adventure video game is without doubt a great deal of fun.

The game was released on a wide range of platforms and there was obviously a great deal of interest in it given that the movie it was based on was a big hit.

However, the game didn?t really live up to the expectations created by its predecessor.

If you are a die-hard Spidey fan, then you will definitely enjoy this game. It?s a great feeling to shoot webs out of your hands, and move from one building to another.

I?m a major fan as well and I really enjoyed the game because of how I could get into Spidey?s shoes.

The only problem was that the graphics of the game were simply not good enough, given that video games have come a long way these days and players have extremely high standards.

I found the visuals unsteady in quite a few places, and it was a definite disturbance.

I did have a lot of fun beating up the bad guys and there is a lot of that happening in the video game since it is after all a fight between the good and the evil.

Fights against Black Cat and Kingpin are truly superlative and I had a good time testing my skills against these adversaries.

I did think, however, that the fighting was a bit too simple and predictable after a while, and I would have preferred something that needed more strategy than just quick movement and fists.

I did feel that the entire story line of the film was a bit too simplistic as well. After all, Spider Man should be tackling bigger issues instead of going after small time crooks, shouldn?t he?

The video has a whole lot of side missions that keep you busy and they are indeed quite entertaining in the beginning.

However, they tend to become boring after a while, and this is where the biggest flaw of the video game emerges.

I feel that it simply doesn?t have enough substance to keep a player interested for too long, unless of course, they are dedicated fans of Spider Man!

The Spider Man character has evidently been developed with a lot of attention because it has turned out to be very interesting indeed.

There are quite a few jokes in the game and I?m sure you will enjoy them as much as I did.

In fact, the overall vibe of the game is pretty happy, in spite of all bad guys and the fighting.

The game also has lots of detailed information about the characters, which comes in great use when someone doesn?t know enough about the comic book characters.

Overall, this is a good enough game that can give you quite a bit of enjoyment if you are willing to ignore the few irritations it has.

While it?s not a spectacularly good game, neither is it a terrible one. I would say that you should buy it if you really enjoy the Spider Man theme!


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