Have you been wondering whether Halo 5: Guardians is worth all the hype surrounding it? Microsoft has been counting on this game to shore up its console sales and it has been marketing the game quite aggressively. I?ve put out my thoughts on this game and why I think Xbox One has a winner on its hands.

Let?s start with the campaign mode. Halo 5?s dual-storyline structure makes it very interesting to be a part of. It involves the Blue Team that goes missing and another team that goes out to rescue it. The story is no doubt quite intricate, but this is what makes it so special for experienced gamers. Besides, it starts to make sense after a while and that?s when you?ll really appreciate how good this game is. If you are an absolute newbie to Halo, then a little research is called for or else you?ll have no idea what is going on. There are 15 campaign missions and they are all pretty impressive even for the experienced gamers.

Halo 5: Guardians has no shortage of action at all, and you will have a brilliant time kicking a whole lot of ass. You can choose to play as a single-player (there will be three AI bots), or online with other people in multi-player mode. The game?s action sequences are fantastic and there will be plenty of things to do to keep you occupied. You?ll notice soon enough that the Halo 5 Spartans have been endowed with amazing agility and powers. However, I feel that the developers could have done more to provide different types of action sequences. People who play plenty of video games will agree that it gets pretty dull to play the same type of action sequences over and over again.

The developers at 343 Industries seem to have put a great deal of effort to ensure excellent gameplay. You?ll enjoy the realistic and smooth movements of the game. There is also a nice arsenal of weapons to choose from, although you?ll find that you run out of ammunition quite often. Long-time Halo fans will probably be used to this and they will just pick up any available weapon so that they can keep shooting. You?ll enjoy going on missions that involve battle tanks and vehicles, and you?ll definitely wish that there were more of these missions.

This is a very good looking game indeed and you?ll enjoy the alien landscapes you move through as you go from one set piece to another. The cut scenes are also very good and so are the graphics used here. The background score fits the action just right. You?ll enjoy Arena, the competition that pits four players against another four and is very intense. Players are grouped according to their skill rating, and this will ensure excellent quality of play. The arenas have a contemporary feel to them and it?s very likely that new manoeuvres will be possible here. Warzone, and its variant Warzone Assault, has combinations of 12 vs 12 and the scale is much larger overall.

Overall, this is a game that you?ll want to play repeatedly; I?d definitely recommend it to a dedicated gamer!


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