Halo 5 for Xbox One, which is slated for October launch by Microsoft, has been hogging the virtual space in the social media for a while now. While it is least surprising to note that Halo 5 for Xbox One is top of the trending charts, what is amusing is that the custom modified version of the yet-to-be released Xbox game is also making its presence felt strongly on the online content.

First Info on Halo 5 for Xbox One

With easy pre-order facility available for the Xbox enthusiasts through platforms like Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop and of course, the Xbox online store, bookings for the new game console is on a new high. News about the dispatch of the new console to all the fans who had pre-ordered the console has made them wait for their prized product with bated breath. And as the Xbox One bundle on the Halo franchise is slowly making its way in to the hands of the fans, images of the prized copy of the Xbox is being posted on their social network accounts!

Initial Comments on Halo 5 for Xbox One

Comments of fans have in fact, covered different aspects of Halo 5, including its design. And as it is natural and not very surprising, the initial reactions about the product have been mixed. As it often happens there has not been unanimity even about the cover design of the product, with a few terming it as aesthetic, while a few others downright condemning it as ugly! Yet, there is a common thread that unites all the Xbox fans in receipt of the Halo 5-it is their fondness to brag about their new possession to the fellow-Xbox users.

What is in the Halo 5 Xbox Console?

Microsoft?s new bundle of Xbox Halo 5 has a console that is custom made for the Halo 5 series with download of the game and of course, the game controls. The other contents of the bundle include requisition packs, team dossiers, multiplayer logo, model of guardian and first-class armour and the animated version of the Fall of Reach.

Xbox Mods Designed

Interestingly, like the original version of the game introduced by Microsoft has drawn brickbats and flaks besides garnering support for its aesthetics, the modified Xbox has also received comments for and against. A few comments have outright been condemning about the way the product has been modified. But a few other comments have taken note of the patience and perseverance of the person who has modified the console.

The D-day for the New Xbox Game

After the colourful launch of the product on 26 October 2015, Microsoft planned to let the users download the Halo 5 game on 27 October. With the countdown starting, irrespective of what is being trended on the online media, users are getting all set to download the popular Guardians series released by Microsoft. For users who are not aware of yet another unique feature of Halo 5, here is something juicy-it does not have a split screen!


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