As with most PvP games, the best way to win Conquest games in the PvP arenas available to Guild Wars 2 players is to learn how to work with other players on your team effectively.

Understanding how to use complementary roles to keep each other alive in confrontations with the other team for as long as possible becomes the central strategy for hanging onto points, since they are awarded either when a kill is achieved, or when “capture points” on the map are held by one team or another.

Capture points award that team one point every two seconds for as long as they keep it in their possession. Because of this point structure, playing hard to keep individual players alive for seconds longer, even if they are going to lose this particular battle, makes a significant difference in overall score.

Ongoing communication between team members is necessary if you’re going to win any games. Pay attention when players discuss their next move, and follow experienced players’ lead. Do your best to keep track of enemy names and professions so you’re prepared to act quickly if someone communicates a plan to you. Players who are communicating “in real life” as well as in game will naturally have an advantage here.

To build on that, learn how to strategize using the map geography and tracking the progress of your teammates and enemies on the minimap. This is particularly important when it comes to holding on to the capture points, since geography of the map is inevitably going to play a role in the best way to assault or defend them, and being in touch with what’s going on in the minimap will be a big boost to your score.

Players often start the game successfully, capturing points easily and winning in early confrontations against the other team, but then as the game progresses, a lack of communication causes the group to fragment. For example, if there is a disagreement over whether it is a better move to guard an existing point or to capture a new one, or simply a lack of clarity in communicating the next move, the enemy who is more motivated to stick together as a group gains an advantage. This advantage can shift several times throughout the game, however, so always pay attention to where your team members are, and seize opportunities to regroup when you can.

One strategy for new players is to wait at the spawn point if they are killed for other team members to respawn so you can travel from there as a group rather than alone. Beware enemy players “farming your corpse”, or waiting for you to respawn alone and killing you on the spot.

As with anything, practice makes perfect. This is true for the overall structure of each PvP arena, and it is especially true for the mechanics of one on one player combat. Learning the tips and tricks for staying alive in individual battles comes with time and experience.


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