GTA 5 has been an enormous success for Rockstar Games, having earned more than a billion dollars in sales so far and that too in a very short while!

The newly released update to the video game, across all platforms, gives fans a whole lot more opportunities to enjoy the happenings in Los Santos.

In fact, known as Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2, this update follows up the one released last month and it adds a lot more elements to the game.

If you?re a fan of GTA 5 (and which video gamer isn?t?), then you?ll really need to know what the update brings to you.

One of the most obvious changes to the game is the addition of a whole lot of new high end toys.

Their line up of cars now includes Vapid Chino, Invetero Coquette BlackFin, Coil Brawler, Progen T20 and Dinka Vindicator.

There?s also a fancy (and pricey) new boat called the Lampadati Toro.

The list of goodies doesn?t stop there; the update also includes a whole lot of fancy clothes, tattoos, cuffs, scarves and the like.

The new knuckle dusters included in the update are definitely worth getting.

They?ve also got really fancy names: The Hustler, The Rock, The Pimp, The Lover, The Player, The Ballas, The Hater, The King and The Vagos.

It is now possible to create all sorts of custom jobs inside US military base Fort Zancudo and Los Santos International Airport, which you?ll remember were previously not accessible to players.

  • Console users who wanted the Lab radio station that was previously available to PC users only will also be very happy.
  • In-game Leaderboards now load much quicker than before.
  • The game had a very irritating problem namely that newly bought cars would mysteriously vanish from garages. The update has solved the problem.

This update is fairly satisfying and you?ll definitely want to get it so that you can enjoy your favourite game.

However, Rockstar Games doesn?t plan to stop here and it will be offering a whole lot more updates in a while; definitely great news for fans of this game.

As far as Xbox One users are concerned, Microsoft seems to be living up to its commitment to keep offering high quality games to console owners.

There?s a lot more in store for Xbox One users apart from the brand new update to this action adventure game.

There are lots of games available at great prices thanks to the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale, which started on 7 July.

There are more than 70 exciting titles on offer and they are available at 40% to 50% off; definitely something worth checking out.

In case you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, then you will be entitled to an extra 10% discount.

  • Lego Batman 3 Deluxe Edition has its price slashed by almost 75% and is now available at ?14.37.
  • Far Cry 4, Killer Instinct Complete can be bought at 60% discount
  • Shadow of Mordor and Dragon Age: Inquisition are both available at half price


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