groovy-sixties-slotGroovy Sixties Video Slot is a hip and cool game that takes you back to the 60s. This slot game boasts of some great symbols that were very popular during the 60s like go go boots, reel-to-reel tape recorder, television, home movie camera, lava lamp, and of course, the VW Bug. Additional symbols of Ace, King, Queen and Jack also make their presence felt in this Groovy Sixties Video Slot game.

If you?re looking to relive the stunning 60s era, then this slot game is cut out for you. It has an average pay out of 96.5%, which is quite great as you stand a chance to make some huge amounts in cash.

Groovy Sixties is a five-reel video slot game, which has 40 pay lines. You can choose the amount of bet according to your preference and also the number of pay lines. This slot game lets you play with a maximum of five coins per pay line.

The Game of Groovy Symbols

The wild symbol in this slot game is 60s Wild. Since it?s a wild symbol, it has the ability to replace any other symbol that you?ll require to complete winning combos. Also, remember that only one combination of win receives payout per pay line. When a lot of wild symbols accumulate on all the reels, stacked wild symbols are formed.

The scatter symbol in this game is the Groovy Sixties Girl, which appears on only the second, third and fourth reels. If three of these Groovy Sixties Girl symbols appear on the reel, then they can also help in completing the combination of your win. However, the wild symbol in this game-60s Wild does not have the power to replace the Groovy Sixties Girl symbol to complete any combination for win.

Groovy Sixties Girl symbols also help you win free spins in this game. When the Groovy Sixties Girl symbol appears on the three reels together, then you?ll be awarded five free spins. Also, whenever you win free spins, your wins get multiplied by two, and hence, your wins are instantly doubled!

The Groovy Sixties Video Slot has the ability to offer you some great wins!

Things to Remember while Playing Groovy Sixties Video Slot

There are a few great features of this slot game, which will help you play the game with ease.

A Spin icon starts the game, and as soon as the game begins the amount of your bet gets reduced from your account. Another feature called the Skill Stop Spin lets you stop the spin whenever you want.

All you need to do is select the Spin icon. This only stops that particular spin and not the game. This feature is especially useful when you realise that by stopping the spinning manually, there are chances of you getting some amazing winning combos.

The Bet Lines feature lets you place your bet by selecting the number of pay lines. Another feature called Max Bet lets you play with maximum bets in this game in a single click.

Autoplay is another interesting feature that is offered in all NetEnt slot games. This feature is a lazy-gambler feature since you need to select everything before you start playing, and the machine will take care of the rest.

If you?d also like playing using this feature, first you?ll need to select your coin size and number of pay lines, and then hit Autoplay. When you do that, it will launch the Autoplay menu. This is where you can select all the remaining options like number of spins, time difference between each spin, and other stop setting options.

The moment you?re done finalising all the setting options for Autoplay, select Start, and the reels will start spinning.


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