Whilst you are always going to be able to pick and choose just which slot games you can play if you are playing at a mobile casino site offering the Playtech suite of mobile slot games, you will find each of them on offer come with a different structure and variance.

If you fancy playing something of a very high risk slot game on which with some luck in playing you can bag some huge mega sized winning payouts then feature your eyes over the Great Blue slot as it is a high variance slot and one that does appeal to high risk mobile slot players!

Bonus Game Feature Rounds

There are lots of different slot game bonus games which can be awarded to you when you choose to play mobile video slots and if you do like being awarded such bonus games then let us now highlight the one which can be triggered when you play the Great Blue slot.

Whilst you may be looking for new mobile slot games we do think it is worth taking a look at the bonus feature game offered on this slot for it can and regularly does award players with some huge winning payouts.

Spinning in three or more of the scatter symbols will then see you playing off a set of up to 33 free spins and to give you the chance of winning big as the multiplier values which will be in play during the free spins round could be as high as x33.

That means you could see winning combinations spun in via the bonus game being boosted by thirty three times their pay table listed amount, so even when playing this slot for very low stake amounts that potentially huge paying bonus game is one you will be looking to trigger time and time again as small stake player could see huge cash awarded being credited to them as that free spins bonus round is playing off!

Where to Play the Great Blue Slot

Playing the Great Blue slot game over at the Ladbrokes Mobile Casino is going to enable you to play not only that high paying slot but a wide and quite varied selection of other high paying slot games either via a free to play mode or a real money mode. New players can use our Ladbrokes Bonus Code to claim a large and instantly credited new player bonus.

Another mobile casino site on which you will always have plenty of mobile compatible slot games is Bet365 Casino and we also have a Bet365 Casino Promo Code to pass onto you, so make sure you do take a look as it is a high valued one!

Staking Options and Jackpot Payout

The Great Blue mobile slot game from Playtech has 25 pay lines spread over the 5 video reels, the stake values can be fully adjusted by players and the minimum setting is 0.01. To increase the coin values all that you need to do is to simply click on the coin value buttons located alongside the coin value display box.

You can also adjust the number of coins you put into play when playing the Great Blue slot, and the do that once again click on the coins button which is to the right hand side of the coin level box and the coins will then increase for each click you make on that button.

The jackpot offered on the Great Blue slot game is worth 10,000 coins, that jackpot is paid when you get five of the Wild reel symbols on any payline. You can increase the value of that jackpot by increasing the number of coins in play by clicking on the coin level box.

The second highest paying reel symbols on the Great Blue slot game are the Whale symbols, and five of them spinning in will award you with a 1500 coin payout when playing on the minimum number of coins per payline per spin.

Great Blue Slot Playing Tip

The one piece of information that you will need to be aware of when playing the Great Blue slot game on a mobile device or even online is that it has something of a very high variance type of playing structure.

That will require you to put into place a stake level that will allow you to ride out the quite frequent long losing sets of base game spins you are going to have to endure when playing it, before some of the much higher valued winning combinations and high paying bonus games are awarded to you.

So our tip for playing this slot is to put the stake levels down to ones that will allow you to get at least one hundred base game spins out of your allocated slot playing budget, as that will give you a fair chance of seeing possibly some of the much higher winning combinations spinning in and forming!

Additional Information

If you fancy playing the Great Blue slot on an Android device then please do checkout our Android slot playing guide as there are several other slot games that are similar to this slot which are all fully compatible with such devices. You can play them for free or for real money and by doing the latter don?t forget to make use of our exclusive casino bonuses that will enhanced you playing please and boost your bankroll!

The Great Blue slot has a fully certified long term expected payout percentage of 94.25% that payout percentage will fluctuate as you play this slot over each session, however the slot should, over your long term play return that high payout percentage.


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