It?s not easy to choose the right video game console; there are so many tempting options available today that you?ll not be able to choose.

You?ve come to the right place for advice because I own a Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 in addition to my favourite PlayStation 3 and I regularly use all three.

But I feel that the PS3 stands out from the others on five major counts and I have listed them out for you.

#1-Blu-Ray High Definition

Is Blu-ray high definition a good enough reason for you?

All the games are going to be on Blu-ray pretty soon and DVDs will become obsolete. Blu-ray offers images that are sharper and more fluid, and games will look a lot more realistic on them.

Also, since data can be highly compressed on Blu-ray, games can be stored on fewer discs.

You might as well pick up the console that offers the latest technology since the gaming and entertainment industry will obviously be moving in that direction.

You?ll also be glad to know that the PS3 can upconvert ordinary DVDs so that they look fantastic when played on HDTV.

#2-Save Money

You?ll save money if you buy the PS3 even though its sticker price might be higher than that of the others.

The PS3 comes will all features and you won?t have to spend any more money to upgrade it. You will be amazed at how cheap and convenient it is to own and play.

For instance, it has built in wireless networking. You don?t even have to take a separate membership in order to download and play games.

#3-Niche Games

There are some really great niche games available here, apart from the crowd favourites. While all three gaming consoles offer the popular video games, PS3 gives you access to unique, but interesting games from little known Japanese developers that you will really enjoy playing as well as whoppers like God of War III and Gran Turismo 5.

#4-More than a Gaming Console

You can do more than just play games on your PS3 console. While the Xbox 360, like the PS3, permits you to play content from the net, external hard drive or computer, only the PS3 gives you the option of carrying it with you thanks to the PlayStation Portable.

Another whopper of an advantage is that the PS3 supports Linux.

#5-No Additional Fees for Playing Online

You can play games online without any of the hassles associated with the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii since you won?t need to pay additional fees.

You also have free access to a virtual world where you can interact with other PS3 gamers. You?ll really enjoy hanging out here especially since you can also win awards for playing games.

Interestingly enough, buying a PS3 also enables you to help further cancer research! Whenever your PS3 is not being used by you, its computational power will be made available to cancer researchers at Stanford University. Imagine that!

I have a lot more information about the PS3 and all you have to do is keep coming back for more on this gaming console.


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