Game Show Network (GSN) is an American digital network that offers a range of games. They have a branch that is called GSN Games that helm the gaming activities of the network. Only recently did they launch a GSN Grand Casino worldwide feature that can be accessed from iOS and Android devices.

As was expected, the app was received with open arms and hit number two spot for the iPhone games on iTunes that can be downloaded for free. It was positioned at number 14 in the Top iPhone App category.

In the GSN Grand Casino, players have access to bingo games, several slot machines and numerous card games. The top-notch gaming service operates through a concierge called Heather. The VIP feature takes you through the various features offered by the website and introduces you to several new elements.

Initially, only three slot machines are available to players. These slot machines will feature only two popular games. They are Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal. Both the games offer a mini-series also. In the process, you will also be entitled to a bonus chip multiplier.

As you start progressing, more and more levels will start getting unlocked and additional machines will become available. Video bingo will only be unlocked if you reach level three. It is only after reaching level 8 that the card game and the video poker will unlock.

After successfully playing every game, you get free chips. You can directly buy them by using money. Likewise, you can also buy power-ups in bingo and bonus balls. It is not surprising to know that when the game opened, within a week, 2.5 trillion chips were won by players. The amount of 10.4 billion was the biggest win during the week. A player won it by playing Wheel of Fortune, the slot machine.

The CMO of the gaming company, Kevin Frisch, was elated about the news. He said that the company?s target audience is three-fold. One is the existing community of players, the other is the group of people who have not played such games and the third is the party that has not been introduced to a casino altogether. He further added that GSN completed a thorough market research and came to the conclusion that they need to create a high-end casino experience.

They started working on the game and detailed features such as the tone of voice of the VIP concierge service, the look of the casino environment and much more. He also added that these small minorities were important to catch the attention of the audience. He also admitted that most of the betting websites today do not have such features; hence, it makes this website even more important.

He is also very happy with the response from the audience and has more dazzling content to put up on the website in the future. You can also download the app on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


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