People who have small kids know the value of an iPad because these devices can be used for education as well as entertainment.

Here?s a list of 10 best games for iPads. You can select a couple of them for your child?s iPad. While they are fun, some of them are also educational ensuring that your kids end up learning in the process. Learning while playing can?t get any easier than this!

They have been listed in no particular order.

#1-Angry Birds Star Wars

Everyone, including kids has played the Angry Birds game because it is highly entertaining and brainless, but it?s far better when Star Wars is added to the mix.

Give your kids both versions, if necessary, but don?t miss out on this; you will love it too.

#2-Candy Crush Saga

This is one of the most popular games out there so why shouldn?t your kids play it as well?

If your kids are a bit older, then they will probably enjoy doing the puzzles. Younger kids love the pictures of candy even if they don?t really rack up big scores. Lots of adults play it too.

#3-Despicable Me: Minion Rush

This is a really cute game thanks to the antics of the Minions and if your kids loved the movie, then getting this game is a no brainer.

It is also a very fast paced game that has excellent game play mechanics.

#4-Fruit Ninja

Kids love slicing through piles of fruits appearing on the screen and have to be really nimble fingered to avoid setting off a bomb.

This game is very simple and fast paced and it can also get quite addictive. It is no surprise that this is one of the most popular games today.

#5-Where’s My Water?

If you think your kids have had their fill of mindless video games, then you could choose this game from Disney that is special because it promotes keeping water clean.

It has Swampy the alligator who wants to remain clean as well as Cranky who doesn?t want to help.

Your kids will also love the musical alligator Allie who belts out classic Disney tunes on her musical instrument.

#6-Cut the Rope

This is a very intelligent game that gets kids to study the movement of objects. Kids have to help candy swing from one place to another without getting blocked by obstacles.

#7-Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Not every movie makes the successful transition to a video game, but this Harry Potter game has managed it very well.

Even kids who are too young to have seen the movie or read the books will love it, although it is best for kids in their tweens.

#8-Slice Fractions

If you have been struggling to teach your child the concept of fractions, then this is the right app to download.

They?ll have so much fun with the app that they won?t even realise that they are learning something. This is one educational app you wouldn?t want to miss!

#9-Paper Toss 2

Why toss balled pieces of paper into the dustbin when you could play the game virtually? It?s not always easy, but it is always fun.

#10-Snoopy?s Street Fair

Kids of all ages will love this video game because they have to complete lots of tasks of different difficulty levels. It is also brightly coloured and fun to play.


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