GameStop has pulled off a coup of sorts by releasing a Supercharged PlayStation 4 console that comes with a whopping 2 TB hard drive, twice the capacity of the console Sony is offering. One really has to admire GameStop for what it has achieved with this customised and pre-owned console; after all, Sony hasn?t even indicated when its 1 TB model, known as the PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player 1TB Edition will hit the shores of North America.

There?s always a great deal of interest in what GameStop offers, considering that it offers phenomenally good value for money, and there is no reason for things to be any different with the Supercharged PS4 as well. The refurbished game console will be sold for $479.99, and it is even available with 24 hours shipping. Video gamers outside the United States don?t have any reason to celebrate, though, since the company will not ship outside the country.

The high cost of the console isn?t likely to put off enthusiastic gamers, considering that most people using PS4s are struggling with 500 GB, which is clearly not sufficient for them. Even so, they do have the option of paying another $100 or so in order to get a larger hard drive. If a gamer really wants to increase the capacity of the PS4, then they can get a suitable hard drive themselves. But this involves a bit of trouble, yet it?s a good option for a person who doesn?t like the idea of using pre-owned electronics. Incidentally, while Microsoft also sells Xbox One with 500 GB, some of its special edition consoles also come with 1 TB capacity.

The Supercharged PS4 from GameStop doesn?t only offer great value; dedicated video gamers would definitely enjoy playing it because it offers a far better experience than regular consoles. Storage, or rather the lack of it, has been a bit of an issue with gamers, especially when they accumulate a large number of games by downloading them or getting them from Steam. Buying a customised console, even if it is a pre-owned one, makes great sense if the person doesn?t have a good one to start with and is keen to save some money.

GameStop also offers a few interesting bundles. For instance, it sells a brand new 500GB PlayStation 4 bundled with Batman: Arkham Knight for $399.99. It is also possible to get a completely redone console for only $359.99. The company?s strategy to deal with cutthroat digital sales is very clearly working in its favour since it offers used consoles that perform better than brand new ones thanks to clever customisation. The company also does good business in pre-owned games for PlayStation 4 that sell for no more than $30.

If there is any disadvantage with GameStop?s new console for the PS4, then it is the fact that its power performance isn?t the best. People who spend a lot of time playing video games will have to deal with increased power bills, and it is exactly why enthusiastic gamers may not be interested in using it just yet.


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