game of thrones imageUnless you?ve been living in a cave for the last few years the chances are that you have heard of the Game Of Thrones TV show produced by HBO. You may well have seen a few episodes or perhaps the whole lot, or like the author, your house may be owned by one of the stars of show! Being such a popular show, Microgaming decided that they would release a Game Of Thrones themed slot and true to form they have delivered a top notch game that will be enjoyed by both fans of the show and those who haven?t been taken up their allegiance to any of the respective houses yet.

The first thing that struck us when playing this slot were the graphics which are simply brilliant displaying all the symbols you would expect to have associated with the TV show. Next up the music which is taken from the main theme tune really helps you to get into the atmosphere that HBO have so majestically conjured up throughout the show.

So what about the bonuses and added features we hear you ask! Well, this is truly where the slot comes into its own. You are never far away from a win with random prizes often popping up such as when you land 2 throne symbols during any one spin. This will lead to the appearance of the dragons egg blazing on fire providing you with some unexpected prizes. You will also get free bonus spins when you land three, four or five scatter symbols. Here you are given the option of selecting a house from the TV show with each house corresponding to a differing number of bonus spins. The lower the amount of spins you opt for the higher the multiplier value of any wins will be. Should you happen to bank some cash from these spins you?ll also get the option of spinning a coin which will either double your wins or wipe them out ? probably not for the faint hearted but for those with nerves of steel it can end in some moments of triumph or of course a catastrophic loss of winnings!

All in all being fans of both the books and TV show already we have enjoyed playing Game Of Thrones and regardless of whether you are a fan or not yourself we would still urge you to try it out as it is one of the better slots online at the present time. So go ahead and pick up one of the many bonuses featured on sites such as this one or even play any one of the free spins on the demo games to get a feel for it first before you lay down any of your hard earned cash.


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