With the iPhone and iPad gaining tremendous popularity as mobile devices, games permeating on the iOS, especially those that can be downloaded for free and played are in the spotlight now than ever before. Here?s a comprehensives list of some of the free iOS games that you can play on your devices.

Infinity Blade III

The excellent presentation feature of this game is a value-for-money proposition for the gamer. The game following a free download provides for non-stop and quick pulsating action.

Cut the Rope: Experiments

An iOS puzzle game that is equally colourful and addictive in nature, it can hook kids and adults for a long time. The game requires the player to guide delicious candies to the mouth of the Om Nom creature, which looks cuddly. This is obviously achieved by cutting ropes. This is a challenging game, which stretches the imagination of the player.

New Star Soccer

This can be termed as a classic, swish game and the fact that it can be downloaded freely makes it all the more luring. It involves all the nitty-gritties of a football game and needs the gamer to guide the onscreen football player by managing his training program and relations along with involving oneself in matches and scoring as much goals as possible. The ultimate aim of the game is to propel one?s player to superstardom

Tiny Tower

This is a very old game from the iOS stable. It involves stacking blocks one above the other to build a high tower. However, an excellent sense of timing on the part of the player is a key requisite to prevent the formation from toppling over. As the tower starts reaching the stars in the game, a tense undertone becomes palpable and the player becomes busy in beating one?s own score.

Galaxy on Fire and Galaxy on Fire 2

It is a definite visual treat for online space junkies that are not restricted to only blasting faceless enemies. The player can avail of the freedom to trade with other systems, elevating to better-equipped ships and buying a station for oneself. The game experience can be described as a fun-filled and entertainment campaign.

Dead Trigger

Superb action combined with a visually fantastic presentation makes this game, a first-person shoot-?em-up series and fun to play. It involves blasting one?s path through endless rounds of zombies, splattering the screen with their blood.

Triple Town and Alphabear

Even after being there for so many years, Triple Town is a puzzle game, which still captures the attention of one and all due to its game play. It involves matching objects to make shapes, which can be identified, like arranging three bushes to make a tree, using three houses to make a castle.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

This is one of the best free iOS games. Described as a superior one, it is a tower defence game, which involves tackling hordes of zombies with vegetation comprising pea-spitting plants to super coconuts.


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