Competition and need to retain the loyalty of clients has prompted Microsoft to offer free download of Rise of Tomb Raider to all those who have live subscription to Xbox Live gold. And this is not going to be only a onetime offer from Microsoft to the users; Microsoft plans to offer such downloads every month so as to help the users build a very good library of games.

Grand Subscription Offers from Xbox One

In response to a similar offer of Sony to the users of PlayStation Plus services, Microsoft has now devised this offer. Further, Microsoft has also made it attractive for subscribers to enlist on a long term by offering additional discounts. While subscription for Xbox Live gold for a month costs $9.99, subscription rates for a period of three months and a year are $24.99 and $60 respectively. Microsoft, however, has made it clear to users that the games could be played only as long as their subscription account is live. Once the subscription lapses the users would no longer be able to access to the games downloaded.

Marketing Strategy for Xbox Live Gold

While the latest marketing strategy of Microsoft is undoubtedly based as a response to Sony?s PlayStation, Microsoft has not gone on a full-scale price war with its competitor. Pricewise, Sony?s PlayStation is still competitive. And additionally, Microsoft has not offered free downloads of games such as How to Survive Storm Warning. But Microsoft has also released details of free downloads of other games like Deer Gold on a staggered basis.

What is Next for Xbox Live Gold?

Microsoft?s plan for promoting Xbox Live Gold is apparently multi-fold, with the aim of getting the users of Xbox 360 to upgrade to the gold plan as well as to ensure that the users of Xbox 360 do not on any account move over to the competitor?s platform. With trusted technology to back-up, Microsoft is on the verge of launching backwards integration for the games to be unveiled next.

In the pipeline is the proposal to add an emulator on Xbox One, which allows users to play the Xbox 360 games. The ultimate aim of Microsoft is to equip the users fully with the latest facilities that are being introduced from time to time, without leaving behind the users who have the earlier versions of the Xbox consoles. Thus, even the games, which were previously provided on discs can be played on the Xbox One console now.

Premium on Xbox One Console

So, with a series of well planned moves, Microsoft is strengthening its Xbox One console. With Microsoft assuring that hundreds of games would be hitherto compatible on Xbox One, it is expected that the Microsoft brand and promise are factors, which would favourably turn the tide the company?s way. For the users, this would indeed be a great time as they could start experiencing the Xbox One effects on their existing consoles and have a wonderful and futuristic gaming time.


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