The last two years was all about Fortnite and the insane amount of money Epic Games was offering to its players. Bugha the 2019 world-cup winner earned a whopping 3 million USD and playing a game he loves. The amount of money Epic Games includes into its competitive prize pool is only going to increase by the millions as days pass by.

If you’re relatively new to the game and you’re wondering how kids are making money playing Fortinte? Well, a competitive tournament is where a player makes the most money. Tournaments are held on a weekly basis and since the past few months “Platform” specific tournaments have been introduced giving mobile players a chance as well.

Arena Mode

Arena mode is the official competitive game mode you would find in Fortnite. Players collect points after each match on the basis of their eliminations and placement finishes. This mode is available 24/7 and has different division based on the number of points a player has.

Playing Arena mode and collecting points to reach higher divisions is what a player should initially be looking at. There are no bots in this mode and skill based matchmaking comes into play as well. Once you reach the highest division you’re bound to keep bumping into lobbies that have 30+ players alive during the final moving circle.

Once you unlock the Champions League division, players are sent personal invites to various regional based tournaments that have cash prizes for different placements. Making it to the Champions League division each season is what any competitive player should be looking at if he wants to start earning in Fortnite.

Platform Cash Cups

Introduced late last year, Fortnite now hosts cash tournaments that are restricted to players within the same platform. This means exclusive tournaments for Playstation, PC, Xbox and mobile. Cross play is disabled and players have to partner up with their respect partners on the same platform.

Cash cups happen every week and certain tournaments exclude the arena points requirements,thus allowing everyone to take part in the tournament. This is a scheduled tournament and players have to finish 10 games within the specified time frame.

Initially when this mode was introduced it had on a small prize pool, but it’s been increasing over the past few weeks.

FNCS, World Cup, Winter Royale and other big tournaments.

For the past two years, Fortnite has featured at least one tournament with a million or more in total prize money. The world cup which debuted last year saw Bugha earn himself 3 million USD in a span of 4 hours. Besides the Winter Royale, the other tournaments had minimum qualification round or minimum “Arena points’” requirement.

Unlike public lobbies, these lobbies are stacked with the best players fighting it out for placements points and eliminations. Towards the end of a tournament, the lobbies get harder and the estimated wait time to get into a match increases. Hence, making sure you ready as soon as the tournament starts is very critical in tournaments. After each match leader-boards are updated and it’s always best to make a note of the competition you’re dealing with.

There have been instances where pro players had to sacrifice placement points for high kill games. These are situations where players have many matches remaining to play and very less time remaining for the tournament to end.

As of now, Fortnite has announced only the FNCS schedule for the year, but there might be a world cup coming soon in 2020 as well. Winter Royale has happened back to back, hence we could expect it with a bigger prize pool this year. Keep grinding in the Arena mode and collect as many points as you can to get invited to “Custom” tournaments hosted by Epic Games randomly.

What games have you tried to compete in for cash prizes? Post your thoughts and comments below.


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