The first content update for Fortnite chapter 2 was rolled out this week and changes have already hit the map. Unlike the previous seasons, Epic hasn’t officially posted the patch notes which mentions the changes this update has brought in. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.

Chapter 2 introduced a whole new map with a few old “points of interest” still in the mix. At the time of launch, Chapter 2 featured a new map which is pretty basic and fresh to the eyes. It’s obvious that Epic has big plans with the map and it is going to drastically change over the course of this year. Already the introduction “Fortnitemares” has made significant changes to the new map and Epic games definately has more is in store for the coming weeks.


Before you head out fresh into the new Chapter, do not forget that “Fortnitemares” is live until November 4th and because of that “zombies” are back.  Zombies spawn randomly all over the map and  the center of the map has been transformed into a zombie lair.

If you want a heavy loadout and dont mind some early game madness, the center island is where you should drop for the whole of this week. This is a limited time change and there is a set of “Fortnitemare Challenges” up for grabs in case you’re  interested in cosmetic goodies.

Storm KIng LTM is another Fortnitemares add-on for this week. Players have the option to team up and take on the “Storm King” in an exciting  PVE mode. This LTM is based on a “Save the World” mission and is most likely to exit the playlist once the event is over.

Quick Tips on the new Meta


Good news for all those who are dropped playing Fortnite because of sweats flexing on players 24/7. Now the new matchmaking system adds bots for players who’ve just joined the game or for players who are struggling to get eliminations in matches.Last season matchmaking was based on the number of matches you’ve played and that didn’t work out well for EPIC.

In this season you’d encounter bots (AI) who roam around the island with basic combat skills and literally no building skills. As of now, the game makers have set these bots to minimum skills for players to get a feel of high kills games and to calm the nerves of struggling players.

So how do you find out if the player is an actual bot?

As of now,  bots do not build or box up when shot upon. If you’ve taken shots at a player and he starts turtling up ,then he’s definitely not a bot.  From what’s been observed over the week,  all bots pickaxe walls and build just one wall right in front of them. Their shooting-aim is way off-point and if you’ve been hit for under 10hp it’s most likely a bot attempting long range shots on you.

No more Titled-Tower drops

In the previous chapter, the POI “Tilted Towers” was a community favourite drop for getting high kill games. Often, more than half of the lobby used to drop into Tilted Town leaving a majority of share of the map vacant.

Now that the game is running on a new map, Lazy Lake is what’s closest to the design of Tilted Towers and not many people drop there. Drops are now spread evenly with almost all POIs attracting a decent crowd of players.

So what does this mean? Well, every POI is bound to have at least 1-2 teams entering into it and the positives would include the fact that no place is going to be as crowded as what Titled Towers was in Chapter 1. This allows players to fight it out in peace without being constantly third-partied. Now that the POI drop is pretty even , mid-game battles have increased significantly with more teams constantly rotating between POIs.

What do you think about the latest changes brought in to Fortnite? YAY or nay? Post you thoughts and comments below..


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