This year, FIFA makes yet another return as it boasts having the best iteration of the series so far. Previous years of the series have been fun games, even if you aren’t the biggest soccer fan. This year’s simulation remains fun but also offers a challenge since the gameplay is just as elegant as years past. This release offers several improvements, though most aren’t quite evident or particularly exciting.

Newcomers to the FIFA on the Vita — or even the Vita itself — may find FIFA 15 to be an excellent port of FIFA 11 for the console. It has no online functionality, which means there are no online clubs to enjoy. Of course, the mode was not available on previous Vita versions either, so it’s not inherently lacking this year.

What you do get, however, are three modes where you can play as one of the 500 official clubs in either an exhibition match or in one of the two Be A Pro modes instead. In these modes, you can choose a specific player or the goalkeeper. You also have the option to develop your own tournaments with specific rules as you select from over 50 real tournaments or make your own career mode. You can play a virtual pro, a player manager or a franchise manager.

For a Vita game, FIFA 15 is certainly a great looking game, and the commentary and audio both are immersive enough to make you feel like you’re playing some good football. The control schemes for shooting and passing using the rear and front touchpads are also rather clever, so you might not even want to turn them off after earning the relevant trophies for using them.

Speaking of trophies, since there isn’t any online functionality, the Vita version of the game doesn’t have any online trophies to earn. That makes this year’s iteration of the game much easier to get a platinum trophy in. You won’t need to win five online games in a row, you don’t need to play 100 online matches, and you don’t need to chip the keeper or anything else; that means it’s an easy purchase for someone who likes to collect platinum trophies and play a good game of football.

On the other hand, the voice of reason must kick in eventually, FIFA FOOTBALL, FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 have all essentially been the same game year after year. The older games are now cheaper and have other multiplayer functions on the console, which might be more fun for other players not looking to get a platinum trophy. It takes a dedicated fan to make the purchase once again when the game hasn’t really evolved in the last three years.

Nonetheless, FIFA 15 does have some improvements in gameplay, presentation and graphical beauty, which makes it a great choice if you want a new soccer game with an updated roster.


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