The success that Far Cry 3 saw was a bit of a double-edged swords for veteran fans. For one, Ubisoft finally put together a first-person open world game that worked and was fun. On the other hand, it meant they were going to have to one-up themselves for Far Cry 4. For better or worse, the newest game to arrive on Xbox One is nearly identical in most ways to the third game. On the plus side, it’s still a good game that puts players into a strange but beautiful tropical area to duke it out with eccentric bad guys. It’s a familiar sudden journey for the unaware tourist.

After his mother suddenly passes away, Ajay Ghale tries to fulfill her last wish of spreading her ashes on the soil where she was born. He packs his things and heads for Kyrat, unaware that it is a very unsafe place for him to be. Kyrat is a bit of a character in its own right, in fact; it’s your friend and your enemy and can’t ever be predicted. You never know what’s around the corner, but that’s part of its charm.

One moment in a gunfight against enemies across the land can suddenly turn into a victory when rhinos charge through and stampede the enemies. Unfortunately, this isn’t an event that occurs often, but it’s a nice change of pace when Mother Nature decides to step in and fight your losing battle. At the same time, it’s just as easy for the wildlife to suddenly attack you during a mission; beware of the snakes and tigers in particular.

Single player is Far Cry 4’s greatest virtue, but there is plenty to keep you going once you finish the story missions. Although it isn’t particularly robust, there is a cooperative mode that you can play online to add more dimension to your game.

There is also a map editor that allows creative people to develop their own missions for the community to complete after sharing it online. If you like the shooting mechanics in Far Cry 4 and also enjoy playing through the single player missions, then you’ll definitely enjoy downloading the Chronicles of Kyrat Map Editing tools and play the maps already uploaded. Quality can be hit or miss, but there are ways to filter high-rated maps already tested by the community.

At the end of the day, Far Cry 4 is definitely closer to a clone of Far Cry 3 than should probably be acceptable, but it still manages to offer its own unique experience, so Ubisoft can be forgiven for this round. However, the developer needs to kick it up a notch for the next iteration of the game; the franchise as a whole likely will need a brand new engine to keep players interested in the Far Cry series. While the game is fun, there are some concepts and mechanics that are a little outdated. As far as the gameplay goes, however, the formula definitely works well.


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