People who?ve had a lot of fun playing the Formula One Series of video games, and there are lots of you out there, must have certainly been waiting for F1 2015 to be released. Well, it has finally made it to the market in July 2015, and the overall consensus has been that it is pretty much underwhelming.

The developer, Codemasters, has gone to great lengths to make the game from scratch instead of building upon F1 2014, and indeed there are significant improvements over the previous game, which, in any case, was only a filler. That being said, let?s talk about how the game performs on the PlayStation 4 since that?s what this review is about.

The PlayStation 4 version of F1 2015 is no doubt better than any version of the game. The developers have ensured that the game makes best use of the latest generation hardware. Its brand new EGO game engine has been responsible for many of the improvements in gameplay. The cars handle pretty well and the experience of racing is very authentic. In fact, the game plays far better on the PS4 than on a PC. I particularly noted that the tires were able to grip the road very well, and I had the perfect sensation of handling a car at high speeds; this in itself is one of the most compelling reasons to buy the game.

F1 2015 is a very attractive looking game and the cars look absolutely lifelike. The developers have even paid a lot of attention to the lighting of the game to add to the sense of realism, especially since the lighting changes with the weather. The PS4 controller also helps bring the game alive and it really feels like one is driving an actual vehicle at top speed. It?s definitely a great feeling although the aerodynamic modelling of the game could have been better. In fact, it hardly felt like one was rushing past another car and I have to say that this detracts substantially from the gaming experience.

The game gives quite a lot of emphasis to fuel economy, and this adds another element of realism to it. Another interesting feature is that the game also makes very good use of the PS4?s voice recognition software. I was a bit disappointed that the F1 2015 game didn?t have some of the features that the older versions of the game had. For instance, the game lacks the career mode that was a whole lot of fun because it let players build up a driver over a number of seasons. It?s really quite disappointing to have a driver who doesn?t learn anything or develop over time!

I was quite surprised to find out that the PS4 version of F1 2015 can?t really support multiplayer gaming. I tried it quite a few times and in different modes, but I just wasn?t able to join in. There are better racing games than F1 2015, but the PS4 version is rather good and worth playing.


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