Microsoft continues the good news for customers of Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the form of its Games with Gold announcement for the month of March 2017. There will be an interesting line-up of games available to play at limited but different times during March and also April. For those who don?t know, the software and gaming giant makes it a practice to offer a couple each of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games every month so that Gold subscribers can download them absolutely free of cost.

The Microsoft bonanza will start with a first-person psychedelic horror game that goes by the very appropriate name of Layers of Fear.

This game will be available on Xbox One for the entire duration of March. Gamers get to be a talented yet mentally disturbed painter who is fixated with completing his masterpiece even though he has issues in his past that get in the way of his work. This is an amazingly immersive and unique game that horror fans will definitely enjoy.

The next release will be that of Evolve Ultimate Edition, and it is scheduled to happen on the 16th of March. This first-person shooter game will also be available on Xbox One until the 15th of April. It?s a thrilling game that has the player controlling a monster trying to outwit a quartet of player-controlled hunters. The game is filled with so many player combinations that no two episodes are alike. There are lots of character unlocks and extra skins to keep things endlessly exciting.

Players will also be able to try out Borderlands 2 on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One for the first fifteen days of March. After that, they can play the popular arcade game Heavy Weapon from the 16th to the 31st of March on both the consoles. Gamers will be happy to find out that Xbox One Backwards Compatibility ensures that all the titles can be accessed on any one console in their possession.

Xbox Gold subscribers eagerly wait for the last week of the month to find out what goodies are in store for them. The Games with Gold February 2017 titles were announced on the 24th of January, and while two of the titles won?t be available beyond the last day of February, one of them can still be downloaded for a couple of weeks. The game in question is Project Cars Digital Edition and it is available for free until the 15th of March. This is one of the best racing simulators available, and not just because it features a whole lot of cars and many tracks. Its Limited Edition DLC upgrade is very popular with gamers because it has five iconic cars.

Incidentally, the other games available for free in February were Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

New Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Title Launched

Microsoft is clearly committed to its Xbox One Backwards Compatibility programme, given that Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer talked about putting together the largest library of titles Xbox users have ever seen. He pointed out that the company had added hugely popular titles such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and Grand Theft Auto IV in addition to the Mass Effect and BioShock series. Spencer also said that the company was working on many new titles for release during the year. However, he didn?t confirm whether Call of Duty Black Ops 2 would be added to this list even though there was a huge demand for it. Hitman: Absolution has been the latest addition to this list.

In other exciting news from Microsoft, there are indications that the Xbox One Scorpio console will be launched pretty soon.


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