At a time when young and not so young players are hyper active on the PlayStation 4, huge amount of resentment is bound to appear among players, when repeated cases of network failures occur, within a short span of time.

In this era, where social media is used as a tool to share, the first act of a disappointed person is invariably to register their resentment in twitter to vent their feelings.

Likewise, PlayStation players have shared their bitterness and disappointment by tweeting about them.

The Unending Woes of Players

What started as a few isolated incidents over the weekend has now escalated in to a full blown problem, which neither Sony nor its users had anticipated.

Imagine PlayStation console without its networking capability, isn?t it frightening and disgusting?

It was believed that the issues were linked to the unexpected power outages in the US and the UK. But there seems to be fewer complaints from users in the US.

Sony?s Assurance

In a quick, fire-fighting measure, Sony has made updates to the PlayStation Network failure. Sony has bravely stated that the network issues have been sorted out and that PlayStation has been providing normal services.

This update after some users had suffered for over two days is not without its merit, as players have been able to access the Sony PlayStation Network successfully to play their games.

More Issues Likely

As though providing a counter update, we see on the twitter handle of a group taking the credit for forcing outages on users, that in the days to come, such outages would be a feature.

The group has also promised to come up with updates regarding the outages caused, much to the consternation of the avid PlayStation players.

Untiring Efforts of Sony Support Staff

Sony technical team has been probing the issues intensely and finding ways to help the players to overcome the unexpected problems.

In an update, Sony has requested players who are unable to go online to the PlayStation Network to restart their systems.

Sony support team have also identified the features, which players are not able to access and have listed the same in their current update.

Some Critical Issues for PSN Players

It has come to light in many cases that players are not even able to sign-in to their accounts. Yet another setback suffered by many players is the inability to access the PlayStation store.

This is rated as one of the severest problems faced by the users until now.

The Company?s Rejoinders

Without shying away from the problems or glossing over the PlayStation Network issues, Sony has been releasing updates to assuage the grievances of the players.

An update has acknowledged the problems faced by users in going online to log on to the PlayStation Network.

Sony has even thanked users for being patient in the face of such issues and has promised to successfully overcome the problems at the earliest.

We only hope that Sony is able to sort all their technical issues and gamers are not left in the lurch when they really want to play their favourite PS game!


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