The latest iPads are equipped with sophisticated features such as Retina Display, making them perfect to play all sorts of action arcade games without any loss of experience when compared to gaming consoles.

Now that you have an iPad, you also need to get the best possible games to play on them.

We?ve put together a list that covers some of the best arcade games out there. Look through it and you are sure to find games that you?ll love playing!

They have been listed in no particular order.

#1-Walking Dead: The Game

Don?t miss out on this one if you like your daily dose of horror. The game has five episodes, each of which is more interesting than the last. This game is a must-have if you?ve followed the TV show.

#2-Punch Quest

This is an endless runner game with a difference since there is a lot of side scrolling involved. This game is a definite improvement in the endless runner genre.

#3-LEGO Harry Potter or any of the other LEGO games

They are all great. You could choose any theme based upon your interest, whether it is Star Wars, Batman or even LOTR.

#4-Grand Theft Auto Vice City

This is a classic game that most video gamers simply must have, although the other games in the series are also very good.

#5-Dead Space

This was a sleeper hit in 2008, and it still retains a great deal of appeal among console gamers.

The makers have recreated it with unique features only for the iPad and you will really enjoy playing it on a small screen.

#6-Injustice: Gods Among Us

This game isn?t strong on strategy or even fancy fighting, but it?s a lot of fun to play. Since its available free-to-play, why don?t you give it a try?

You might end up buying it; it?s that good!

#7-Wild Blood

Wild Blood is a really good action adventure game if you enjoy action games that have a lot of role playing.

This particular game is themed after the story of King Arthur, Lancelot and Morgana with the addition of demon hordes.

#8-Temple Run

Temple Run has been very successful simply because it is easy to play. In fact, this is probably one of the most addictive games available for iPads, and that?s definitely saying something.

#9-Death Rally

Death Rally is a superb vehicular combat game that contains many surprises around every corner. There is a satisfactory number of death defying stunts and plenty of explosions too.

#10-Pizzas vs. Skeletons

If you have a taste for something really strange (and hilarious) then take on the identity of a pizza and battle against skeletons.

The mini games here are exceptionally good and you can even customise your pizza as you play through the game.

#11-Rage HD

This is an excellent console game that combines the best of role playing with first person shooting. Its theme of a post-apocalyptic world filled with mutants is very finely and realistically created.

#12-Pinball HD

You?ll feel like you?re actually playing on a real table because of this game?s realistic design and fantastically smooth controls. You can choose between three options for tables.

#13-Rayman Jungle Run

This is a must have for fans of platformers. This is a very challenging game and it is also very fast paced. It?s surprising why this game didn?t get more popular than it is.

#14-MetalStorm: Online

This is a fantastic game in which you get to customise and fly your own airplane. The excellent graphics and intuitive controls let you feel like it?s an authentic experience.

You will also be happy to know that the game is free-to-play.

#15-Stupid Zombies

The game is deceptively simple, but you?ll realise that it?s quite a challenge to shoot zombies that are out to get you (just because they are stupid doesn?t mean they are easy to kill!)


A classic videogame in the Breakout mould, you have to destroy piles of blocks to free lots of balls, bananas and stars. Simply put, it?s highly entertaining!


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