Compulsive gamers addicted to playing games online on their PlayStation are always faced with a perennial problem.

It is the availability of extra space for storing games, which require huge data storage capacity.

If the gamers are running out of space on their hard drive, there are simple solutions, which can enable them to transfer the game to a separate hard drive.

Installing Steam Mover for Creation of Symlinks

Steam Mover is an app, which helps in transferring any game without undergoing the hassle of re-installing.

The same is achieved through the creation of a symbolic link in the place of origin from where the copying needs to be done.

This leads the computer to believe that the place of origin and the place of transfer are the same though the duplication of data is being done on another hard drive.

The transfer process involves the downloading of Steam Mover and starting it. It can be executed by simply running the .exe file.

You then need to select the folder at the top of the window on the computer where the game presently exists and then move the mouse to where the game needs to be copied.

The game then needs to be selected from the list, and then the blue arrow at the bottom needs to be clicked.

A black command prompt window is brought up by Steam Mover, which will display the entire copy progress.

When the process completes its run, the game is transferred to the new folder and a ?shortcut? of the same is created in the original folder.

It can be then played either from the Steam, its origin or the shortcut and the whole process is completed as if it never took place.

The process can be repeated with several games. The games can also be moved back to their place of origin by clicking the blue left arrow at the bottom.

Additionally, symlinks can also be created by the gamer without taking the help of Steam Mover.

Directing Game Manager to New Location

For the gamer who does not want to undergo the trouble of downloading extra software, there are means of seeking out the transferred games after they have been installed.

The same can be done through Steam and Origin.

Through Use of Steam

A folder needs to be created in a new location where the games are planned to be copied.

The path gamers need to follow if they are using steam would be Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders and click ?Add Library Folder?.

Following this, you need to go to the new steam library folder for the creation of a new folder within it which would be named steamapps and a folder within steamapps will be called common.

Then move back to the original Steam folder and go to the folder of the game, which is to be copied. The same can be found in steamapps/common.

The next step will involve copying the games folder to the new steamapps/common folder. The Steam needs to be opened; the game to be copied needs to be right-clicked on and the option Delete Local Content need to be selected.

This step will lead to the uninstalling of the game from its point of origin. Following this step, the install button needs to be clicked for the re-installation of the game.

The Steam folder needs to be chosen on the new hard drive from ?choose location? in the dropdown menu. This step will ensure that Steam detects the existing files and makes the necessary alterations needed instead of needless hours taken to re-download the game.

Through Use of Origin

Create a folder in a new location for storing the game through opening Windows Explorer. Then one needs to navigate to one?s folder of origin and seek the folder containing the game that needs to be transferred.

Copy the same to the new location following which the old files need to be deleted.

After this, open the origin and follow this path, Origin > Application Settings > Advanced under the option ?Downloaded Games?.

Then the ?change? button needs to be clicked and needs to be directed to the folder on the new hard drive.

The gamer then needs to return to ?My Games? view and the download button needs to be clicked to re-install the game.

In this case also, minor changes will be affected by Origin through the detection of existing files instead of the usual process of downloading the game again.


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