Convenience and ease of playing games on the Android platform has made Android games a favourite among the present generation. Business houses, therefore, see a great opportunity to earn by offering new Android games. Advancement in technology and availability of manpower to design Android games passionately has in fact, made it simple for companies to offer new Android games. However, the real challenge before the businesses is the successful marketing of the games.

The Huge Potential

As users are drawn from a very large base consisting of men and women of all ages, the market for Android games apparently is immense. Though a few games remain etched forever as the favourite of the users, users are not wary to try out newer games. Since gaming has become an important source of relaxation and entertainment, users mostly do not stick to a game for too long and are open to try out new and different games, which are being launched every other day. Since marketing has become a key factor in successfully taking products to the users, for game designers, the biggest concern is to successfully take their product to the end-user.

Offer Trial Games

With a big influx of games now in the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for game designers to reach out to their targeted audience. While games released by the big names in the business with the usual hype have a clear edge over the products, which are dished out by smaller business houses, a way out for these businesses is to offer trial games. Since even an avid gaming fan is wary of trying out something that they have little idea by spending their hard earned money, availability of free games lets the users try the games without any worry. Successful start-ups offer free trial versions, which are replicas of the original games.

Ad Revenue in the Trial Format

The trial games without remaining only as teasers for the users could also start earning through the advertisements inserted in these versions. However, businesses should ensure that they do not overdo by placing too many ads, which pop-up before the users as they dislike such interruptions while experiencing the joy of gaming. Association with a professional network for advertising is highly recommended in this case.

The Use of Social Media

As social media and its uses have attained an important role in today?s world, the strategic use of social media in marketing products has become a critical component of the successful launch of any product. With users prone to posting their new discoveries on their social media pages, businesses should cleverly exploit this tendency by linking with all the popular social media sites. The spread of the message is not only wide, but also very spontaneous and fast on the net.

Tie-up with App Stores

Since users should be able to easily source a product, start-up companies should take adequate steps to ensure their presence in as many app stores as possible.

So, if you?re a game developer for Android, then these ways can definitely help you make money through the games.


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