Diablo 3 — the highly anticipated hack’n’slash dungeon crawler from Blizzard that brings back what veterans of the series have long awaited for: an intense game with high replayability. In this game, players can choose from five different classes to thwart the armies of hell and defeat Diablo.

At the start of the game, a blue meteor falls from the sky and blasts through the cathedral in Tristram. The story first begins when Diablo possessed Leoric, but the hero was able to defeat Diablo by absorbing his essence. However, he lost control upon arriving in Tristram and unleashed hell on earth. Once Diablo became free, he also freed brothers Baal and Mephisto, all of whom ran free until they were defeated again. Now, the player must figure out what the meteor is and how to stop the demons that were freed.

One great thing about Diablo III for PC is that you can quickly jump into any game with a friend. If they’re online, you’ll note a box on the side of the screen as you play; click on the name and join up, provided they aren’t already playing in a group with the maximum of four players. Joining up together technically makes the monsters stronger, but it makes questing easier, especially in later acts.

Perhaps the biggest draw of all for the Diablo series as a whole has been replayability. Diablo III continues the trend; it’s the game you’ll want to play through ten times to get each class through Normal and Hardcore. At the very least, you’ll need to play through with each class once to see what they all have to offer. Consider the amount of time you’ll play the game, and that makes Diablo III one of the most valuable games this year.

It does lack a bit if you’re seeking smarter AI. On the other hand, Diablo III does well producing mass armies of monsters. Depending on the difficulty you’re playing and how many there are, this can quickly become difficult and overwhelming without a strategy in place. Some enemies come with affixes that affect their group as well; for instance, some might be able to teleport while dropping frozen balls that freeze you in place, causing you to take extra damage.

When you explore dungeons, it’s cool to watch monsters emerge from hidden cracks in the environment; they don’t just spawn into place ahead of you, but they’ll actually come through and make their appearance known. On this note, the environment is a bit destructive as well since the game uses the Havok engine. You can earn bonus experience points for using the environment to defeat demons.

Overall, PC gamers love Diablo III because of the way it lives up to its hype; it has great gameplay, excellent sound, a healthy amount of multiplayer features and high replayability. It’s fun and tells a good tale while showing off small details throughout the world. Trying to level up as rapidly as possible will cause you to miss some of the finer details, so be sure to explore where you can.


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