Devil?s Third is a part of the Tomonobu Itagaki series and is the first game of the Valhalla instalment. The game was released in August. Unfortunately, several reviews have rated the game pretty low and have advised people not to invest in it.

Wii U has a reputation of churning out video games that become household favourites. But unfortunately, this game is a disappointment. Nintendo will be publishing the game in the season, but the American branch of the company is thinking twice before releasing it in their territories. It is said that the game?s engine has been switched many times during the development stage.

Not many know about it, but the game was earlier being published by THQ. Maybe this turn of events had a role to play in the game?s disappointing state, but that is no excuse. Some parts of the game seem like extra features that don?t really add up to the aura of the game. It is said that the game was completed in about eight months with not a very handsome budget as well.

The game is in shambles as is said by several gaming experts. It looked ropey and frail. The visuals were unable to hold anyone?s attention. Earlier games by the same company such as Ninja Gaiden II were not expensively wonderful, but were enjoyable. The games at least exuded some sense of flamboyance, style and speed. Unfortunately, the Devil?s Third does not have any of these features.

But some might like the game as well. And since Itagaki is involved in releasing it, it might even get a handsome number of fans as well. The game drives on the central idea that it mixes elements of hack and slash of the game Ninja Gaiden with the action of Call of Duty. The effort seems admirable indeed, but fails to garner the impact it was supposed to create. The campaign was not praised for it. On the other hand, the game took about five years to complete, and some might even question that where did all the effort go. The options seem under-baked and not properly executed. The features also seem to scatter all over the place.

The makers did not put much effort into the sequence of events in the game as well. There is a boost button, which transforms the jeep into a speeding vehicle. The central character also has some features. One of them is when it stretches its hand so far that you can manage the turret. It may seem bearable, but at times it is laughable. There are glitches like these which are hard to ignore.

The Devil?s Third is also available in a multiplayer mode, which has some more features. It might prove to be a combat that will be faster. But frankly this time, the game does not impress much. Nintendo has released such games that have been grand success, but compared to all of them, Devil?s Third lacks a lot of things.


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