When Bungie, the makers of Halo released Destiny in September 2014, there was obviously a lot of interest.

After all, massively multiplayer online (MMO) games always get a great deal of attention. Destiny, with its mythic science fiction theme of humans colonising other planets and trying to survive the collapse of these colonies, is a particularly good game to play.

Not surprisingly, it has managed to get a good following, especially since it is quite different from the other MMO games, even though it has conventional elements such as role playing.

This is truly an addictive game thanks to its extremely realistic environment and action packed playing experience.

The new gaming technology used enables it to have dynamic lighting in real-time. Its interactive design is one of its major plus points, as you are sure to find out when you start playing.

It is fairly clear to see that the makers have used their experience with Halo to iron out most issues in this game, especially with regards to the competitive multiplayer modes.

Where Destiny differs from other MMO games is that players can?t necessarily interact with others unless the game happens to match them.

The technology used for this feature is absolutely the newest and it provides excellent results that enhance the quality of game play.

Many events take place in reaction to actions in the game, and are not always planned by the game?s developers, giving the game a high level of intuitiveness.

Destiny has a truly spectacular soundtrack that goes perfectly well with its theme and its 44 different songs add tremendously to the playing experience.

In fact, it also features a song composed and recorded especially for it by Paul McCartney.

One of the drawbacks of this game is that it seems to be a bit confused about which genre it occupies since it borrows heavily from many different types. Of course, this could also mean that you?re sure to find elements that appeal to you.

The communication between different players could also do with some improvement.

The story could also have been explored in some depth, considering that it occupies a very fascinating futuristic world. Even so, there is no single issue that is so serious that you wouldn?t want to play this game.

Since the makers of Destiny have announced that they will release new content on a regular basis over a period of the next 10 years, you can be assured of getting updated versions of this spectacular game from time to time.

True to their words, The Dark Below was released in December 2014 and it was followed by May 2015?s House of Wolves.

So, you can be sure that there will be many more of these releases; the makers won?t be going anywhere in a hurry since this game is not just critically acclaimed, but also hugely successful, having earned hundreds of millions of dollars for them.

If you haven?t gotten over Halo and want a lot more excitement, then Destiny is indeed a very good game to play!


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