PS4 players are all set in a mood to campaign against the PlayStation Network (PSN). It was recently in the news that PS4 fans are not sufficed with the services of PSN. They want to bring changes in the network and are therefore, raising their voice against it.

Sony has always been able to survive in the toughest market circumstances and has attempted everything to maintain its stable reputation.

While talking about PSN, it is basically a premium subscription service that enables its users to enjoy playing a variety of video games online.

Since hundreds and thousands of people across the globe are subscribed to the service, it is inevitable for the company to pay heed to the complaints.

Issues with PSN

Out of a number of issues, the major ones include downtimes, weird bugs and others.

The modern PSN makes it challenging for the players to play smoothly on it. According to one of the players, all the messages showed the same time irrespective of the actual time when they were received.

Further, the PSN store does not load at many times until the players reboot their system. With such problems, it is obvious that players are a bit disappointed with the company and want to get the changes done at the soonest.

Not only this, but PSN also lacks in some other essential features. In today?s era, people wish to customise their machines. They are not satisfied with it until they get all the required features such as an option of invisible/offline/online status, cloud storage, two-step verification to mention a few.

These features are considered to be important for every machine, but PSN hardly has any. Note that, they all are only the basic features, not some sort of luxury.

Sony?s Plan of Action

It is been more than two years that PS4 has been launched. The players have been complaining since then, but the company has not taken any action.

No changes or improvements have been made to the machine and the issues continue to remain.

Fans are beyond annoyed and are trying everything they can to be heard by Sony to do a better job. The complaints are completely reasonable and they must be heard as soon as possible.

Some Suggestions from Players

  • The PSN must have an enhanced user data possessing all the statistics of the game.
  • An improved profile page must be created with the recording of the game, player?s preferred game list and screenshots.
  • It must offer an option to delete old demos, undesired games and expired betas.
  • Unlike present, there should be a better management of friends list with an option to use nicknames.
  • Sony must fix all the bugs where players have to restart their machine in order to play the games.
  • Notifications of online and offline must be there.

If all the above-mentioned suggestions are taken care of by the company, then fans are likely to be satisfied.

It is high time that Sony prepares its plan of action and listen to the players!


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