You will always be taking a risk when you play any online slot game as to whether you are going to have a high paying slot spinning session or a poor paying one! However, thanks to the high variance playing structure and format of the Dead or Alive slot game you will always have a chance of winning very big indeed when you set its reels spinning.

This being a high variance slot it is of course one that you should always play with sensible stake levels in place, however it only has 9 paylines on offer so putting all of the paylines into play to have that chance of winning big is not going to cost you the earth!

Have a look through all of the different sections of this review of the Dead or Alive Slot for we just know lots of slot players will want to get stuck into playing it when they come across it!

Bonus Game Feature Rounds

There are a set of wanted poster themed reel symbols in play during the base game of this slot, and when they have spun in they will stand in for all other reel symbols on each of the five reels of this slot. Those wild symbols do not however stand in for the scatter symbols.

It is at least three of the wild symbols that need to spin if for you to then get to play off a set of free spins. Whilst you are playing off the free spins awarded to you if any of the wanted wild symbols then spin in they become sticky wild symbols.

Each of those wild symbols will then lock themselves into position on the reels and will stay there until you have played of every single one of your free spins. That does of course mean that the more of them that you have spinning in the more chances you will have to getting multiple winning combinations forming on three paylines you have in play.

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Staking Options and Jackpot Payout

Never be under the impression that when you choose to play multiple payline slots such as this Dead or Alive Slot game you are going to have to play it for very high stakes amounts! For this slot is one which offers a diverse range of different staking options all of which are described below, so read on as it can be a very cost effective slot to play!

The Dead or Alive slot game is a slot on which you have 9 pay lines on offer each of those pay lines are optional and you can play it for stake levels as high as 18.00 or you can play this slot for stake levels as low as just 0.01 per spin.

By playing the Dead or Alive slot game with just one coin per line in play a 1500 coin jackpot payout can be won, that jackpot will be awarded to you when a line of five of the Wanted reel symbols have spun in on any activated payline you have put into play.

The Wanted Poster symbols in play on the reels of the Dead or Alive slot game are the Wild symbols, those symbols stand in for all of the standard reel symbols and will help complete winning combinations, but they will not stand in for any scatter or bonus symbols.

You will find a Gun Scatter symbol is attached to the reels of this slot, however unlike some other NetEnt slot games that symbol will not reward you with a cash payout irrespective of how many scatter symbols spin in, instead those symbols are used to trigger the bonus game only.

Dead or Alive Slot Playing Tip

This slot game is one of the very highest variance slot games you will find in the NetEnt suite of games, and as such you should never take too many risks in regards to the stake levels you are playing it for.

Due to the sticky wild symbols in play during the free spins round always remember that you can win big when playing this slot for tiny stake amounts. With that in mind why not give it a whirl playing it for pennies and see how you get one? You never know you could win very big even when playing this slot with very low stakes in play.

Additional Information

This slot is something of a high variance formatted and structured slot game so please do consider only playing it for low stake levels, as you will not want to go on a long and expensive losing streak when playing it online which is something you may end up doing if you play it for too high a stake amount!

The bonus games described above can often be a very high paying one and as such even if you do play it for minuscule stake amounts you will always have a chance of winning big. Plus as this slot does come with a high payout percentage it is a great slot to play with bonus credits!

Should you like what you have so far read about the Dead or Alive Slot game then there is another vital piece of information that we think you will be interested in knowing, and that is the long term expected payout percentage of this slot is a very large and appealing 96.80%.


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