Brace Yourself Games looks like has a winner on its hands all over again with Crypt of the NecroDancer being available on Playstation consoles.

The critically acclaimed game is available on Mac, PC and Linux via Steam, but the shift to Sony?s gaming consoles will help it reach a wider market all over the world.

There aren?t a lot of details available as of now, especially whether it will be available for retail sale or through the PlayStation Network.

In fact, it is not even clear when exactly the game will be available for the PlayStation platforms.

Crypt of the NecroDancer is quite unlike the other dungeon crawler games available these days since it incorporates the difficulty of traditional roguelikes with the need to perform actions based on the beat of a soundtrack.

This highly innovative and interesting game will soon be available on PlayStation platforms, with special emphasis on the PlayStations 4 and Vita.

The need to follow the music?s rhythm is a very important part of the game?s plot while the hero of the game has to fight against a series of monsters to rescue her father who is being held in the NecroDancer?s dungeon.

Every person in the dungeon has to match the beat of the music because of a spell put upon the dungeon.

Players will only succeed in the game when they learn how to move to match the beat of the floor they are on.

This will help them understand and anticipate the attack patterns of the monsters inhabiting the dungeon.

There are a whole lot of goodies in the form of armour and weapons to be collected while playing so that they are more prepared to fight the monsters.

The gameplay keeps on changing based upon the increasing levels of difficulty in the game.

Releasing the game on Steam Early Access has worked very well for the developer since it received plenty of feedback from gamers in the early stages of its development.

The game?s sound track has had its fair share of appreciation. The work of Danny Baranowsky, it now also includes remixed tunes from Jake Kaufman who has also made a big name for himself as the composer of soundtracks for video games.

However, there do not seem to be any additional features given to the game over and above the songs mentioned above.

The other question that still has to be answered is whether the PS4 version will allow users to play in a dance pad.

The developer of the game has announced that the game will only be available for the PlayStation as of now.

Even though there are no plans for the game to be available on Microsoft?s and Nintendo?s consoles, this cannot be ruled out in the future since the game is clearly going to be a big hit among video gamers.

Fans of the game will be eagerly waiting for more news about it on the PlayStation Blog, which was where the announcement was made in the first place.


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